27 Apr 2018

As electrical contractors, portable appliance testing (PAT) is something we carry out for our clients on a regular basis. Clients often have lots of questions about PAT testing so we thought we would answer some of these in this blog post.

20 Apr 2018
IDES blog about external lighting for the summer months

In case you hadn’t noticed, spring seems to be well underway and the weather is starting to warm up in the UK! Fingers crossed that this lovely weather we seem to be enjoying is a sign of a great summer to come (maybe wishful thinking!)

13 Apr 2018
Domestic Electrical Inspections from IDES UK

As providers of domestic electrical services we often encounter old electrical systems, DIY jobs gone wrong, and problems caused by faulty electronics. What can you do at home to avoid these problems – should you have routine electrical inspections and what can you check yourself?

23 Mar 2018
a blog from commercial lighting specialists IDES UK on how light affect human health

Light is about life – it has an impact on how we feel, on our health, and on how we work. Whereas natural light helps us produce vitamin D, and can support a general sense of wellbeing, the evolution of artificial light has caused certain changes in the human body’s dynamics.

09 Mar 2018
an LED light bulb laid on green grass

LED lights are more popular and commonly used in the in the lighting industry than ever before. The rise in the use of LED lights in commercial or retail properties is similar to reasons they are also popular in domestic properties; partly due to regulations phasing out older lighting styles and partly due to cheaper […]

16 Feb 2018
Cly pot with lit candle and 'the Power of Light' written over the top.

As commercial lighting experts, we are always interested in the way good lighting makes people feel, and how it changes the lives of our customers for the better. Good lighting can change the mood of a room and effect the way you feel when you’re in it. But it also has a spiritual meaning to […]