02 Mar 2018

You might remember us going on about our fabulous LED spray booth lighting (we only mention it every couple of weeks or so) and our quite brilliant BOOTHLUX luminaires, but for the past couple of years we’ve been quietly fitting these in body shops and spraybooths up and down the country. And mechanics and spray booth engineers have been amazed by the vastly improved lighting they’ve received as a result.

One such company who has benefitted from our unique LED lighting technology is Rye Street Group. Having now successfully fitted out their Bishops Stortford, Haverhill and Stanstead locations with our BOOTHLUX LEDs, IDES is proud to announce that Rye Street Group are now rolling out the process across all their localities and will be investing in bright new LEDs at both their Broxbourne and Braintree sites also.

Who Are Rye Street Group?


Rye Street Group are big players in the accident repair game.

With seven automotive repair shops dotted around the South East of England, Rye Street Group now employ over 200 people and their directors share 95 years of experience between them in the accident repair industry. Basically, these guys know what they are doing.

Now approved by many insurers and vehicle manufacturers, Rye Street Group have gained a well-earned reputation for delivering on their promises. Thanks to yearly inspections and continual investment in their staff and facilities, Rye Street Group have achieved a BSI Kitemark Certification for Vehicle Damage Repair, and their continued improvement means they always meet – and even exceed – the recognised industry standards.

In fact, Rye Street Group are so good at what they do, that their customers regularly comment that their vehicles look better after the accident than they did before. Now that’s the mark of a good accident repair!!

Here at IDES, we’ve been working with these guys for a while now and we really respect what they do. Their approach is always honest and upfront and the teams gel really well together, plus they put 100% in to every vehicle they repair. It’s not surprising they’ve risen to the standing they have in the industry; it’s an approach we believe in ourselves – honesty and integrity will always get you further than wheeling and dealing.


A Bright Investment From Rye Street Group


So, having recently put a significant investment in to the lighting of their spraybooths at some of their garage locations, Rye Street Group have now confirmed to IDES that they will be doing the same at their remaining facilities, ensuring they provide a consistent service to their customers across all their sites.

This means that the lucky employees at the Broxbourne and Braintree sites can now get over the light envy for their colleagues at the Bishops Stortford, Haverhill and Stanstead repair shops and bathe themselves in the blissful LED light of IDES’ luminaires. Plus, of course, it also means that Rye Street Group will now be able to boast some of the most advanced spraybooth technology in the UK, which is probably more important.




Just in case you have managed to avoid the news of IDES’ exclusive range of BOOTHLUX LED lighting, let us remind you of the benefits once more.

The BOOTHLUX range has been developed by us in-house, so it perfectly fits the needs of our clients in the automotive industry. The unique manufacturing guarantees lighting levels of up to 2000 LUX whilst giving an even distribution, meaning that your spraybooth will be lighter and brighter than ever before. Just take a look at these before and after photos;

What’s even better though is that, thanks to the energy-saving 5K LED board technology, BOOTHLUX can give you up to 50% savings on your energy usage when compared to your previous spraybooth lighting. Plus, the upgraded lights can be retrofitted into your existing spraybooth, so there’s no need to go overboard on the renovation costs.

When you couple all of that with the fact that better lighting in your booths will give you increased productivity and reduce defects and mistakes, it simply makes basic financial sense to upgrade your spraybooth lighting to IDES’ BOOTHLUX. In fact, you can’t really afford not to.


Galivanting in Geneva


88th International Motor ShowAnd so all of that nicely explains why Rye Street Group have made the wise decision to upgrade all their spray booths across their seven locations to the BOOTHLUX lighting system.

As leaders in the field of accident repair with standards of excellence to maintain, it stands to reason that the team at Rye Street Group want to fit the very best in their spraybooths and ensure their team of professional mechanics and paint sprayers have the very best equipment and facilities to hand. That way, they can continue to fix accident damage cars as quickly, efficiently and perfectly as possible, and maintain the high standard of customer service they’ve come to be known for.

And with the savings they’ll be making, it’s no wonder that Bill and Lee – 2 of the Rye Street Group Directors – will be jetting off to the Geneva Motor Show next weekend! Running from 8th – 18th March, and now in its 88th year, the Geneva Motor Show is a world-famous motoring event held annually in the Swiss capital, and we’re not in the least bit jealous that these jammy buggers will be jetting off there for a long weekend. Well, maybe just a teensy bit jealous.

Despite that, all the team at IDES would like to thank everyone at Rye Street Group for their continued support and custom, and we suspect that, by this time next year, Rye Street Group might just have the best spraybooths in the country.

Maybe the RSG Directors will bring us back a nice Swiss timepiece from their travels, as a thank you for all our good work??


Get In Touch


If you’d like to find out more about IDES or BOOTHLUX, then please browse the website for further details or get in touch with us to ask us a question about anything. You can use any of the methods on our Contact Page, or simply give us a bell on 08432 894645.

And if you’re lucky enough to be heading off to the Geneva Motor Show, make sure you have a fab time and think of us back in snowy Blighty!

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