25 Feb 2017

IDES are pleased to announce the launch of their eagerly awaited LED spraybooth luminaire…. The ‘BOOTHLUX’

The fitting will retro fit into any spraybooth and guarantee average illuminance levels of over 2000 LUX at Finished Floor Level.

Easy to install with minimal disruption to the bodyshop, IDES are confident that this will become a coveted and fast selling addition to our portfolio.
The fittings contain market leading Philips components and have been designed in partnership with the UK Lighting Manufacturers, Hilclare lighting, who have over 30 years’ experience and expertise within the industry.

The fittings have the necessary certification and official 50,000 hrs guarantees, and have been photometered so that a RELUX lighting design can be provided.

Please find below the relevant data sheets for the two options

Spraybooth Launch | IDES UK
Spraybooth Launch | IDES UK

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