AUTOLUX - Energy Efficient Light Fittings

The AUTOLUX range is a family of high output LED luminaires that will provide bespoke, low energy, low maintenance lighting solution whilst meeting the lux levels demanded by leading automotive manufacturers.

For high-quality results, you need high-quality lighting products, right? Well, with the AUTOLUX, that’s exactly what you get. Plus, don’t limit your job by installing a light fitting that is only suitable for certain installations. Broaden your horizons with fittings that have a wide range of mountable options, suitable for different vehicles and jobs of all sizes.


A high output LED luminaire that provides even coverage of near-daylight lighting throughout your facility.

The exceptional lighting quality from this product has been known to benefit the automotive industry incredibly. Not only has the quality of colour matches improved significantly, but the need for re-works will fall dramatically with the addition of this amazing solution.


An adapted variant of the AUTOLUX fitting, designed to retrofit an existing tray system and replace outdated, traditional light fittings.

By implementing a quality lighting solution within your body shop, you’re likely to maximise potential profit. Think about it, you’re positioning yourself to create the best results every time, so your standard of work is going to be better. You’ll spend less time on each unit of work and will result in profits increasing.

Productivity levels will also rise, which will, in turn, drag your business’ reputation up too. The significance of having a quality lighting system in place could not be more vital to the success of your overall business.