Ever thought about harnessing your roofs potential?

Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) technology harnesses sunlight’s energy through photovoltaic cells, converting light into electrical energy. Its efficiency relies on light intensity rather than heat or direct sunlight, allowing it to produce electricity consistently, even during cloudy days and in the winter season.

At IDES, we have a filling portfolio of Solar PV installations which we ensure are aligned with all government framework, allowing our customers to cut their carbon footprint and promote a sustainable business.

      What are the benefits of Solar Energy?



Photovoltaic technology continues to advance, making solar panels more efficient and cost-effective. Integrated solar solutions for homes and businesses are becoming increasingly popular, allowing individuals to harness the power of the sun and reduce their carbon footprint.

Embrace sustainable living, safeguard the environment by incorporating the highest quality materials in every Solar installation. By doing this, your company can proudly promote its sustainability efforts and its fight against climate change.


Solar energy can reduce or eliminate the need for electricity from the grid, overall saving money on costs. Energy bills have the potential to lower month, on month.

Government incentives and warranties provide an additional level of final reassurance for your investment. Solar energy can qualify for rebates and other incentives that lower the upfront cost and increase the return on investment (ROI).


Creating a package that meets your sustainability goals

Unique project size

Each design and installation is unique to your building’s practicalities to ensure the design is tailored to your specific project’s needs. We start by analysing the electrical demand throughout the site, including existing or proposed energy-generating equipment. This allows us to calculate the amount of Solar PV equipment needed.

Preliminary proposal, site survey and final tailored solution

Your project has to be individually assessed to guarantee the system is designed to match your criteria. In order to optimise the benefits of the installation, it is essential to design the system for maximum energy generation. Precise designs ensures quick payback periods and positive life cycle costs.

Financial Considerations

Within the design process, cost-benefit analyses are conducted to evaluate the financial viability of each project. It’s important to thoroughly evaluate factors like the annual energy consumption, initial investment cost, anticipated energy savings, and payback period to make well-informed decisions and ensure the highest possible return on investment.

Management of the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) approval process

We take care of the DNO approval process, allowing you to have more time focussing on what matters to you. DNO’s are required for each Solar installation in order to accurately calculate and monitor the amount of electricity needed for your project.

Interested in Solar PV for your commercial property?

The design and installation of a solar system for a commercial building in the UK demands precise planning and meticulous attention to detail. At IDES, we ensure that all your specific requirements are understood and work tirelessly to find the solution to accommodate your needs. We’re vastly experienced in delivering installations on time, within budget and to the highest standard.