MOBILUX - Mobile Light Solutions

The MOBILUX range is a family of high output, mobile light units designed specifically for the automotive industry. The LEDs are configured to provide a near-daylight tone which is essential in and around the body shop.

Ensuring that you have the right lighting solution within body shops and spraybooths is essential to achieving the best results possible. After all, customers won’t be happy if they’re not receiving the service and results promised, so you need to get it spot on.

MOBILUX 1 – Specifically designed to fit under and around electric car ramps to illuminate the areas in your workspace that the AUTOLUX can’t. Perfect for MOT and Service Centres.

Not only is it designed to fit in those intricate places that you need perfect lighting for, but the lighting solution is also durable and is built to last. Therefore, you can guarantee quality for years to come and can continue working at ease without any disruption in the quality of service due to lighting failures.

Full product details and other benefits that this innovative lighting solution can bring to your business is included in the free product data sheet below.

MOBILUX 2 – Designed for general purpose around the body shop to aid the AUTOLUX and provide an even distribution of light throughout your facility.

Even distribution of light is vital to the overall success of your jobs. If visibility is inconsistent, then you can expect the quality of your work to be inconsistent too. This is something you definitely don’t want. You should strive for overall quality in every job at hand, being well known for your ability to deliver the first time, every time.

For more details and product features from our amazing mobile light solutions, download the free data sheet below.