Lighting Design and Consultancy

In order to perfect bespoke lighting design and unique products, a high standard of attention to detail is required. At IDES, our fine eye for detail and dedicated level of professionalism within every job ensures that the results we achieve are always on point.

It all starts with our consultation. From the first point of contact, we aim to understand all of your needs and requirements and match them with the perfect solution. We provide expert guidance and advice to achieve optimum performance, amazing appearance and comply with budgetary allowances.

Our expert team is always on hand to provide you with a free consultation for your desired results. So, don’t hesitate to speak to them! They’ll gladly answer any questions or queries you may have and alleviate any worries.

Plus, so that we can put an accurate recommendation plan in place, we carry out site surveys throughout the UK. The last thing you want is to invest in bespoke lighting design that isn’t suitable for your individual setting. So, we don’t leave things to chance and make sure our survey covers everything required for the best results possible.