External Lighting Services

At IDES, we offer a wide range of external LED lighting options for your business to choose from. We’re experts in providing the perfect electrical design and service for car parks and floodlit facilities. We’ve highlighted further information on the service provided below.

Car Park / Flood Lighting

For electrical design, installation and maintenance, look no further than IDES. We’re vastly experienced in working with exterior, underground and multi-storey car parks, therefore, we know exactly what it takes to get the job done right. 

We use lighting management systems that are designed to help save energy, which, in turn, can reduce overall maintenance and running costs too. Our bespoke lighting installations are designed to meet our customers’ exact needs and requirements. 

Plus, we ensure that any necessary maintenance is kept to a minimum – which is ideal when external LED lighting luminaires are externally positioned on the side of tall buildings or lighting columns.