External Lighting Services

At IDES, we provide a diverse selection of external LED lighting solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Our expertise lies in delivering impeccable electrical design and service, specifically catering to car parks and floodlit facilities. Detailed information about our services is outlined below for your reference.

Car Park / Flood Lighting

When it comes to electrical design, installation and maintenance, IDES is your trusted partner. With extensive experience in handling exterior, underground, and multi-storey car parks, we have the knowledge and expertise required to excel in every project.  

Our approach incorporates lighting management systems that are accurately designed to converse energy, subsequently leading to reductions in overall maintenance and operational expenses. Our custom-tailored lighting installations are crafted to align with the precise needs and specifications of our clients.

We place a strong emphasis on minimising maintenance requirements, a particularly advantageous feature when dealing with externally positioned LED lighting fixtures on tall buildings or lighting columns. Your lighting solutions are in capable hands with IDES.