Industrial & Commercial Lighting

At IDES, we offer a wide range of industrial and commercial lighting solutions. Below we have highlighted our most popular lighting options, which we can work with you to find the perfect tailored choice for your business.

Bodyshop Lighting

In the process of vehicle bodywork painting, having the correct supply of light is imperative. In fact, it’s just as important as having the right paint itself. Unless the lighting is properly calibrated, you’re likely to end up with disappointing and inconsistent results.

Our new range of LED industrial lighting products is considered the best source of light for this critical colour matching task. Not only will these unique luminaires provide the correct LUX levels and colour rendition, but they’re guaranteed for 50,000 hours. Therefore, reducing energy and maintenance costs significantly.

Restaurant / Retail Lighting

In the competitive leisure and entertainment world of restaurants, bars and shops, IDES has a proven track record in providing inspirational lighting which makes our client’s venues stand out from the crowd.

We proudly offer bespoke designs and quality installations to help create unforgettable events and an unmistakable glow across your leisure and entertainment portfolio.

Project planning is a key element to any installation – fact. Without it, you have no end goal and things can start to get messy. So, by working closely with other contractors we ensure maximum efficiency throughout the installation, whilst encompassing associated risk and health and safety requirements.

Warehouse Lighting

IDES can provide your business with an efficient warehouse lighting solution. The latest LED Highbay & Lowbay luminaires, which have the option of optical lenses added specifically for racking isles or large open areas, provide the end client with the perfect solution for a warehouse. Lighting controls can also be added/installed to enhance energy savings and extend luminaire life.

Sports Hall / Gym Lighting

We pride ourselves on installing energy-efficient sports hall lighting systems, using the latest LED industrial lighting technologies. Designs can be catered to Sport England recommendations and as we’re not linked to a manufacturer, we can give an unbiased service. That way, we can successfully source the best equipment to suit your needs and budget.

Office Lighting

Quality office lighting is essential to the productivity and well-being of your employees. So, why are there still many commercial buildings with non-illuminated lamps, sporadic light positioning and dated installations? These include; yellow plastic diffusers and antiquated luminaires.

IDES can provide bespoke lighting solutions for any working environment. Utilising LED luminaires, we can design to current EN12464-1 recommendations.