Industrial & Commercial Lighting

At IDES, we offer a wide range of industrial and commercial lighting solutions. Below we have highlighted our most popular lighting options, which we can work with you to find the perfect tailored choice for your business.

Bodyshop Lighting

In the course of vehicle bodywork painting, having the appropriate lighting is absolutely crucial. In fact, it’s equally significant as using the correct paint. Without properly calibrated lighting, you’re more likely to achieve unsatisfactory and inconsistent results.

Our latest line of LED industrial lighting products is widely regarding as the optimal lighting solution for this critical colour matching task. These distinctive luminaires not only deliver the right LUX levels and colour rendition but also come with a 50,000-hour guarantee, effectively reducing energy and maintenance expenses.

Restaurant / Retail Lighting

In the highly competitive realm of leisure and entertainment, encompassing restaurants, bars, and shops, IDES has established a noteworthy reputation for delivering illuminating solutions that set our clients’ establishments apart from the competition.

We take pride in our ability to provide tailored designs and top-tier installations, thereby contributing to the creation of unforgettable experiences and a distinctive ambiance throughout your leisure and entertainment portfolio.

Effective project planning stands as a critical cornerstone of any successful installation. Without it, objectives become blurred and chaos can result. That’s why we collaborate closely with fellow contractors to ensure maximum efficiency during the installation process while upholding safety standards and addressing associated risks.

Warehouse Lighting

IDES specialises in delivering highly efficient warehouse lighting solutions that can significantly benefit your business operations. Our cutting-edge LED Highbay and Lowbay luminaires come equipped with optional optical lenses designed to cater to the unique requirements of both narrow racking aisles and expansive open areas. This ensures that our lighting solutions can be perfectly tailored to your warehouse’s specific layout and needs. 

In addition to providing lighting fixtures, IDES offers the option to integrate advanced lighting controls. These controls not only enhance energy efficiency but also extend the lifespan of the luminaires. By implementing these controls, you can customise your warehouse lightings settings to match operational demands.

Our comprehensive warehouse lighting solutions aim to provide the ideal combination of illumination, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, ultimately contributing to the smooth and efficient functioning of your warehouse operations.

Sports Hall / Gym Lighting

Our commitment lies in the installation of energy-efficient lighting systems for sports halls, harnessing the most cutting-edge LED industrial lighting technologies available. Our designs are customisable to align with the recommendations put forth by Sport England, ensuring that your sports facility meets industry standards for lighting quality and efficiency.

What sets us apart is our independence from any specific manufacturer. This unique position allows us to provide an unbiased service, free from brand affiliations.

Consequently, we can effectively source and recommend the best equipment that precisely matches your requirements and budget, prioritising your needs and financial considerations to deliver a lighting solution tailored to your sports hall or gym.

Office Lighting

Ensuring high-quality office lighting is paramount for both employee productivity and well-being. However, we most commonly notice numerous commercial buildings with outdated, inadequate lighting setups, such as non-illuminated lamps and antiquated fixtures like yellow plastic diffusers.

At IDES, we offer tailored lighting solutions designed to transform any workspace. By utilising the state-of-the-art LED luminaires, we can create lighting designs that adhere to the latest EN12464-1 recommendations. This not only ensures your office environment is well lit but also in compliance with contemporary industry standards.

Our commitment is to enhance the working conditions of your employees, supporting their productivity and overall sense of well-being through modern and effective lighting solutions.

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