28 Sep 2017
Images illustrating a blog around the connection between LED lighting, lighting for businesses and the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about how we, the objects we use and the things that surround us are changing the way we’re living our lives. It’s to do with the interactivity of more and more of what we rely on, from home heating systems to the infrastructure that underpins, and runs, buildings and […]

21 Sep 2017
Images illustrating a blog post explaining the importance of good office lighting and lighting for SME's

Good lighting should be an inherent workplace benefit: it is essential for people’s well-being, both physical and psychological. There is research that shows how the presence of natural light improves the health and productivity of employees.   Lighting needs to be an essential part of any office design, because if you neglect it, then no […]

07 Sep 2017
Images of LED lighting, representing a blog by IDES UK, commercial lighting specialists, exploring what makes LED the most cost and energy efficient decision for service, commercial and industrial businesses.

Don’t underestimate the significance of lighting when it comes to energy consumption. According to the Carbon Trust, lighting accounts for 20% of energy consumption in commercial and industrial buildings, and may make up a sizeable chunk of a building’s total electricity bill – as much as 40%.   In other words, choose more energy efficient […]