31 Aug 2017
Industrial and domestic lighting specialists in Lancashire, IDES UK, explore how energy efficient lighting can positively impact on schools

As summer rolls to a close once again and we hear a collective sigh from children across the UK, the schools begin re-opening the doors. Dust is brushed off bookbags, new pencils are sharpened and the lights in classrooms are turned on for another year of learning. It’s that last one that we want to […]

24 Aug 2017

If you didn’t already know, our company is called IDES UK. For the uninitiated, IDES isn’t just a scramble of random letters that we cobbled together. It isn’t even ‘IDEAS’ spelt incorrectly, as several people have believed in the past. No, contrary to popular opinion, we did actually put some real thought into what we […]

17 Aug 2017
How Has Lighting Changed The World, Electric Lighting, Electric Lightbulb, Invention Of The Lightbulb, Light Bulb, Lighting, LED Lighting

When it comes to the modern, Western world, there are a lot of things we couldn’t live without. The Internet, hot running water, the ability to cook noodles in the microwave in just a few minutes – all those things that are essential to our everyday lives. Well, maybe not the noodles…   One of […]

10 Aug 2017
Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficient, Energy Efficient Lighting, LED Lighting, Energy Saving Lighting, Environmental Issues, Money Saving

Today, the phrase ‘energy efficiency’ is chucked around like a beach ball. We hear it on the news, in meetings and in general conversation. But, it’s wide use seems to have kind of diluted its importance. We hear so much about being energy efficient, that we no longer actually hear anything at all. It’s all […]

03 Aug 2017
Autolux, AUTOLUX, Autolux Lighting, Autolux LED Lighting, Autolux Automotive Lighting, Automotive Lighting, LED Lighting, LED Automotive Lighting, Spraybooth Lighting, Spray Booth Lighting, Bodyshop Lighting, Body Shop Lighting, Garage Lighting

As an electrical services company who mainly works around LED light fixtures, we’ve come to know our stuff. Well, we already knew a fair bit before we began, but over 20+ years, our knowledge has definitely developed. To be honest, you’d probably think of us as LED geeks.   We have this knowledge because of […]