31 Aug 2017
Industrial and domestic lighting specialists in Lancashire, IDES UK, explore how energy efficient lighting can positively impact on schools

As summer rolls to a close once again and we hear a collective sigh from children across the UK, the schools begin re-opening the doors. Dust is brushed off bookbags, new pencils are sharpened and the lights in classrooms are turned on for another year of learning.

It’s that last one that we want to talk about today. Classroom lighting is vital – everyone knows that – and without it, it would be much harder to teach pupils. But a lot of schools overlook just how important the right lighting in the classroom is, both for the pupils and the school as a whole.

Lancashire based industrial and domestic lighting specialists, IDES UK, discuss the importance of effective, energy efficient lighting in schoolsTo shed some light on the matter, we’re going to take a closer look at lighting in schools and why it matters.


Improving Performance in Schools Through Lighting


Having the right lighting is vital to the performance of children in schools. In fact, a number of tests have been carried out showing that the lighting used in schools has a direct impact on the test results of pupils by dramatically improving results.


Lighting that’s too low has also been connected to slow reading, a lack of concentration and even weakened vision for the long term. As well as this, frequent changes in the level of brightness in a school can cause a number of problems such as hyperactivity, reduced visual performance and discomfort.


To make sure pupils are getting the best chance of success, schools need to make sure the lighting is uniform. Even slightly flickering lights can be a major distraction and the brightness level has to be just right.

 Lancashire based industrial and domestic lighting specialists, IDES UK, discuss the importance of effective, energy efficient lighting in schools

Natural Light Benefits in Schools


Natural light has huge benefits for everyone, including school pupils. This is another aspect that has been proven to improve test results; in fact, a study showed that pupils who were in high levels of natural light achieved 18% higher test results than those in minimal natural light.


But obviously you can’t always have natural light, particularly if it’s a cloudy day. This is when LED bulbs come in handy. Out of artificial lighting, LED is the closest to natural light. This means that the body reacts similarly to LEDs as when exposed to natural light, so students will perform better.


Save Money on Lighting


It’s also important that you consider the price of your school lighting. Usually, lighting takes the biggest chunk out of a school budget both from the initial investment, the running costs and any maintenance.


By purchasing lighting that needs less maintenance and is built to a quality that’ll last longer, schools will spend less money in the long term. By also investing in lighting that’s more energy efficient, you’ll use less power and pay less money.


These savings can then be re-invested back into your school. You’ll have more money for books and resources, and can create the perfect learning environment for the pupils.


Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient Lighting for Schools

Lancashire based industrial and domestic lighting specialists, IDES UK, discuss the importance of effective, energy efficient lighting in schoolsContinuing on with energy efficiency, schools have a responsibility to begin lowering their carbon footprint. As a country, the UK is looking to dramatically reduce our overall footprint and lessen our nation’s impact on the worlds environment. However, we can only do that if bigger establishments, such as schools and businesses, work with us.

By switching to energy efficient lighting, like high efficiency LEDs, your school can do its part to create a world that your pupils will thrive in. Help to protect your kids’ future and switch to LEDs.

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At IDES, we’re committed to providing schools with the lighting that’s right for them. We take into account everything we know about the effect of light on learning and use our experience to help you get the lighting systems you need. We work within your budget and around your unique requirements to make sure you’re 100% satisfied. Our high efficiency, high output lights will also help to save you money in the long term and help towards a more stable environment.

To find out more, get in touch with our team today. We’re friendly, knowledgeable and always happy to help! We also offer easy pay systems so that you can pay in installments, ensuring that no school misses out on having the right lighting. If you want to find out more, just ask!

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