20 Mar 2024

Fix Auto Oswestry and Wrexham have recently installed Solar PV systems on their rooftops, contributing to their Corporate Social Responsibility, reaping the environmental benefits and maximising profitability, saving a combined £48,000 per annum.

IDES provide a turnkey solution to Solar PV, offering a complimentary site assessment and proposal followed by an installation and aftercare package – our dedicated team will expertly guide you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth shift to clean, renewable energy.

Fix Auto Oswestry have had a 62KW system installed, which gave an overall Annual Electricity Saving of £21,000 and a payback cycle of 3.5 years. This new system ensures Fix Auto are contributing to their corporate social sustainability by avoiding 14 tons of Co2 per year.

Fix Auto Wrexham have had a whopping 78KW system installed which is split over East and West aspects of the roof to ensure all day coverage. The Annual Electricity Saving tallies up to an impressive £27,000 with their Return-on-Investment clocking in at just under 3 years!

What does this mean for both businesses?

Solar PV systems can generate electricity on-site, reducing the amount of electricity purchased from the grid. This can lead to significant savings on energy bills, especially over the long term as electricity prices continue to rise.

Solar panels help contribute to a greener, cleaner future for us all and the next generation of Fix Auto. Adopting renewable energy technologies like solar PV can enhance your reputation and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. It can also attract environmentally focused investors and partners who prioritise sustainability in your business decisions.

By generating your own electricity from solar PV systems, you can reduce your reliance on utility providers and mitigate the risk of energy price fluctuations. This can provide greater stability and predictability in energy costs.

Lee Hitch from Fix Auto commented: ” Our new Solar PV Installation has not only empowered us to embrace sustainability but has also strengthened our competitive edge in the market. By connecting solar energy, we have unlocked new opportunities for growth, innovation, and long-term profitability. Additionally, our commitment to environmental stewardship has resonated deeply with our stakeholders, enhancing our brand reputation, and fostering stronger customer relationships.
I would recommend IDES to any business or organisation seeking to embrace sustainability, reduce costs, and drive business success. Their expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence make them the ideal partner for any solar investment. Thank you, IDES.”

Garth Edwards IDES commented: “I am really pleased to have worked with Lee and Richard on the recent Solar PV projects at both Fix Auto Wrexham and Fix Auto Oswestry. Through the implementation of Solar panels, the business is expected to significantly reduce their annual electricity bill and carbon fees, ultimately making them more profitable but also contributing to their long-term sustainability goal on the road to Net Zero.”  

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