24 Jan 2024

 Round 2 of the Improving Farm Productivity Grant for Solar Installations

In early 2024, farmers and horticulturalists are eligible to apply for a grant that supports solar PV projects. This grant aids farming businesses, covering 25% of the costs associated with a Solar PV project. The funding range is set between £15,000 as the minimum and £100,000 as the maximum amount.

The allocated funding is applicable for both roof-mounted and irrigation reservoir-mounted solar arrays, with the condition that the generated power primarily serves the needs of the farming operation. However, it is important to note that the funding is not applicable for ground-mounted solar systems, installations on north-facing roofs, or systems situated in heavily shaded areas.


Solar panelled building

Eligible items include:

Non-eligible items include:

      • Ground mounted PV systems

      • Replacement or reinforcement of roofs

      • Construction of farm buildings
      • Upgrading of existing solar panels/systems


Solar panelled farm building


At IDES, we provide a complimentary initial consultation and on-site assessment to help you discover ways to embrace sustainable living, safeguard the environment by incorporating the highest quality materials in every fitting, all while maximising the advantages of our installation services.



How to apply and learn more surrounding the grant click here.

*The closing date for applications is 21 March 2024.

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