30 Nov 2017
Lighting specialists IDES UK discuss hazardous area lighting and LED lights

A hazardous area can exist in any workplace, once a risk assessment has been carried out it may be recommended that lighting needs to be changed to minimise risk, or good safety conscious lighting could be planned when facilities are being built or refurbished. Lighting plays an important role in the safe, efficient, and productiveness […]

16 Nov 2017
Lighting specialists IDES UK discuss workplace lighting

Most people usually welcome autumn, first we have the falling leaves and festivities including Halloween and Bonfire Night. However, one thing most of us don’t enjoy is the days getting shorter and the nights longer. ‘Look how dark it is already!’, how many times have you heard that over the last few weeks? It happens […]

09 Nov 2017
Images illustrating a blog about outdoor lighting and external lighting services

No sooner are the Halloween decorations down, people start to look forward to the festive season and hanging up the party lights. Over the next few months it will get darker and outdoor lights will start to appear all over shops, homes and businesses. But why do we put colourful lights up over the party […]

01 Nov 2017
Images illustrating a blog about bonfire night fire safety

This weekend, people all over the country will be attending bonfires, having their own at home or work, and letting off fireworks. This is to celebrate Bonfire Night, a very old and popular tradition in the UK. Of course, this weekend will be a great opportunity to have some fun with friends and family, but […]