03 Aug 2020
led office lighting - comprehensive guide

People often underestimate the worth of the right LED office lighting. Having a bespoke system installed that’s unique to your office space can bring a world of benefits. Offices are inspiration hubs that are meant to spark creativity and bright business ideas – but if your premises isn’t lit properly, it’s, in fact, going to […]

14 Jul 2020
commercial lighting ideas

When we think of offices, retail spaces, bars and restaurants, we’re often too distracted by the nice clothes, fancy cocktails and other things that are going on, right? The atmosphere created in these places has to be vibrant and energetic, to spark interest, inspiration and engagement.  Put it this way, if a store was dull […]

25 Jun 2020
what is industrial lighting

Industrial lighting plays a key part in the safety and performance of your business. It’s typically found in warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants and other hazardous workplaces. If these working environments aren’t lit properly, the various hazards that your workforce are exposed to daily become a lot more dangerous.  But what is industrial lighting? And how […]

04 Jun 2020
Images of spray painting booths, representing a blog by IDES UK, commercial lighting specialists, exploring what makes spray painting booths safe, and what part good lighting plays in that.

Having the most advanced spray booth technology and suitable lighting is crucial to the success of your results. After all, how can you expect to produce groundbreaking results if your set up isn’t up to a high standard? Quite simply, you can’t.  Quite often, businesses try and cut corners with their spray booth organisation – […]

21 May 2020

The importance of adequate spray booth lighting is often overlooked by businesses – but it shouldn’t be. Without the correct lighting setup, you’re increasing the chances of colour mismatches and poor overall work. And you don’t want to be the business well known for that, right? Instead, you want to be known as the business […]

27 Apr 2018

As electrical contractors, portable appliance testing (PAT) is something we carry out for our clients on a regular basis. Clients often have lots of questions about PAT testing so we thought we would answer some of these in this blog post.

20 Apr 2018
IDES blog about external lighting for the summer months

In case you hadn’t noticed, spring seems to be well underway and the weather is starting to warm up in the UK! Fingers crossed that this lovely weather we seem to be enjoying is a sign of a great summer to come (maybe wishful thinking!)

13 Apr 2018
Domestic Electrical Inspections from IDES UK

As providers of domestic electrical services we often encounter old electrical systems, DIY jobs gone wrong, and problems caused by faulty electronics. What can you do at home to avoid these problems – should you have routine electrical inspections and what can you check yourself?