30 Nov 2020
importance of vehicle body shop lighting

When we think of the facilities and equipment in vehicle body shops, we’re often drawn to machinery, paints and the vehicles themselves. Quite often, adequate body shop lighting gets ignored – but it shouldn’t be. After all, if you’re going to produce amazing results, your lighting needs to be spot on. As an industry, vehicle […]

27 Oct 2020

Adequate warehouse lighting is crucial to your business’ overall operations. While that may seem like a big claim, it’s true. Having the perfect warehouse LED lighting system can improve overall safety, business efficiency and cause plenty of beneficial knock-on effects too.  The importance of installing the perfect warehouse lighting system is often overlooked – generally, […]

10 Oct 2020

Warehouses are notoriously busy workplaces – with hazards around every corner. With that in mind, your business must install the correct LED warehouse lighting to ensure that overall health and safety levels are as high as possible.  Without the correct lighting, not only are you putting your team’s safety at risk but a plethora of […]

24 Sep 2020

Adequate commercial spray booth lighting is paramount to achieving amazing results on every job. But why? Well, without the right lighting, it makes colour matching and paintwork consistency near impossible. The reason that businesses trust you with their commercial vehicles is that they expect a thorough job to be done – not the opposite.  So, […]

10 Sep 2020

Finding and installing adequate body shop lighting is often an afterthought for a lot of businesses – however, this is a major no-no for businesses working within this industry. After all, when working with specific paintwork, you should be aiming to achieve a consistent match in all your work, not leaving it to guesswork and […]

20 Aug 2020

LED strip lighting is well renowned for its versatility. They’re a great way of adding vibrant and attractive lighting to a wide range of spaces – particularly office environments and industrial settings. They’re becoming a lot more popular in recent times due to their affordability, ease of installation and ability to transform the ambience of […]

03 Aug 2020
led office lighting - comprehensive guide

People often underestimate the worth of the right LED office lighting. Having a bespoke system installed that’s unique to your office space can bring a world of benefits. Offices are inspiration hubs that are meant to spark creativity and bright business ideas – but if your premises isn’t lit properly, it’s, in fact, going to […]

14 Jul 2020
commercial lighting ideas

When we think of offices, retail spaces, bars and restaurants, we’re often too distracted by the nice clothes, fancy cocktails and other things that are going on, right? The atmosphere created in these places has to be vibrant and energetic, to spark interest, inspiration and engagement.  Put it this way, if a store was dull […]

25 Jun 2020
what is industrial lighting

Industrial lighting plays a key part in the safety and performance of your business. It’s typically found in warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants and other hazardous workplaces. If these working environments aren’t lit properly, the various hazards that your workforce are exposed to daily become a lot more dangerous.  But what is industrial lighting? And how […]