26 Mar 2021
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To ALWAYS perform at an optimum level, your body shop lighting needs to perfect. Every site and unit is different, therefore, you need to ensure that your light fittings are tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Unfortunately, no blueprint works industry-wide – it’d make our life a whole lot easier if there was. So, […]

12 Mar 2021

Automotive shop lights – also known as body shop lighting – is CRUCIAL to the success of your overall business. While your light fittings may seem irrelevant to the performance and outlet of your company, they’re actually of great importance. Should lighting be inadequate, the impact can be disastrous.  But why is your lighting so […]

26 Feb 2021
IDES - The Bodyshop Lighting Experts

When choosing the perfect lighting solution for your vehicle body shop, you need to make sure that you’re using a contractor who knows what they’re doing. Not only do they need a high level of competence but they also need to be savvy and have your best interests at heart to ensure that the right […]

15 Jan 2021
car body shop lighting body shop automotive industry

The importance of car body shop lighting is often overlooked. Businesses tend to usually focus more on the projects at hand, rather than best positioning their site and premises to deliver unrivalled quality service levels. But why? This thought process often leaves us scratching our heads – we can’t think why anybody wouldn’t want to […]

29 Dec 2020
Autolux lighting solution IDES

Arguably within body shops, there’s nothing more important than installing the correct lighting solution. Should you choose an inadequate solution, you’re setting up your business to fail and underachieve. For maximum results, you need true lighting that’s as close to daylight as possible.  Luckily for you, at IDES we have a wide range of LED […]

22 Dec 2020

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a topsy-turvy year for most. With the pandemic massively affecting all industries, it’s not been plain sailing for a lot of people and businesses. Unfortunately, the restrictions have meant some businesses have paid the ultimate sacrifice and have had to close their doors.  We’re taking this opportunity […]

09 Dec 2020

LED lighting can massively aid the efficiency of your body shop lighting. Not only are they the perfect lighting tone for high-quality results, but they’re also a great option to help reduce overall costs too.  Within body shops, if you get the lighting just slightly wrong, the impact of this mistake can be fatal to […]

30 Nov 2020
importance of vehicle body shop lighting

When we think of the facilities and equipment in vehicle body shops, we’re often drawn to machinery, paints and the vehicles themselves. Quite often, adequate body shop lighting gets ignored – but it shouldn’t be. After all, if you’re going to produce amazing results, your lighting needs to be spot on. As an industry, vehicle […]