20 Dec 2021
IDES electric car charge installation

When having an electric vehicle charging station installed, you want to make sure that you’re dealing with the experts, right? The last thing you want is to invest in the installation and it turns out to be lower quality and well below your expectations, isn’t it? Well, with IDES, you needn’t worry about that at […]

10 Dec 2021
IDES which electric car has the longest range

“Which electric car has the longest range?” This is a question that car salesmen around the world hear multiple times a day – all because people want the best value for their money. And want to be sure that when making the switch from a fuel-based vehicle, they’re making the right decision for their needs […]

26 Nov 2021

Is your body shop lighting industry-leading standard? Quite often, we find that businesses overlook their lighting requirements. However, just by introducing the correct professional light fittings, there can be a range of positive knock-on effects throughout your overall operations.  But where do you start? Well, don’t worry if you’re not sure what you’re looking for […]

26 Oct 2021

Improving your body shop efficiency has many benefits for your overall business. When improving efficiency, you’re bound to also see notable progress in other areas of your business. A more efficient body shop is a more successful one – FACT.  So, how can you improve yours? Well, it’s a lot more simple than you might […]

24 Sep 2021

How much does it cost to run an electric car? This question is becoming increasingly more popular each year – but why?  By 2030, new cars fuelled by petrol and diesel alone won’t be sold in the UK – however, hybrid cars are still allowed. With that in mind, a large proportion of the population […]

10 Sep 2021

It’s no secret that electric cars are becoming increasingly more popular, so, with that in mind, a lot of people automatically have a lot of questions. The first of these is usually, “how long does it take to charge an electric car?” – unfortunately, there’s not a one-word answer to this – helpful, we know.  […]

26 Mar 2021

To ALWAYS perform at an optimum level, your body shop lighting needs to perfect. Every site and unit is different, therefore, you need to ensure that your light fittings are tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Unfortunately, no blueprint works industry-wide – it’d make our life a whole lot easier if there was. So, […]

12 Mar 2021

Automotive shop lights – also known as body shop lighting – is CRUCIAL to the success of your overall business. While your light fittings may seem irrelevant to the performance and outlet of your company, they’re actually of great importance. Should lighting be inadequate, the impact can be disastrous.  But why is your lighting so […]