26 Jan 2018

The lighting industry has gone through radical changes in recent years thanks to advances in technology. Previously exclusive technologies, such as LED lighting are now an affordable option on most commercial and industrial projects. But what else can we expect from the LED market in 2018?

12 Jan 2018
Images from an IDES blog post talking about the future of lighting, LED lighting and the possibility of plant powered lighting!

It was announced before Christmas that engineers at the world-famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) had created plants that glow. Before we all get too excited, the light only lasted three and half hours and wasn’t enough to read by, but this is the start of a programme which could see endless exciting possibilities in […]

05 Jan 2018
Image illustrating a blog post by IDES UK about the auto industry and the specialist automotive electrical services they supply

At IDES, We work on a range of large commercial projects across a variety of sectors, but have become automotive electrical service providers in particular. We provide the best LED lighting and electrical solutions for the industry and have an unrivalled reputation. We’ve got to have done something right as last year we became the preferred supplier […]