26 Jan 2018

The lighting industry has gone through radical changes in recent years thanks to advances in technology. Previously exclusive technologies, such as LED lighting are now an affordable option on most commercial and industrial projects. But what else can we expect from the LED market in 2018?

Further LED Innovation


Images of LED lighting, representing a blog by IDES UK, commercial lighting specialists, exploring what makes LED the most cost and energy efficient decision for service, commercial and industrial businesses.The past few years have seen a significant sway towards LED lights and the advantages they have over older technology, indeed, there are now few examples where LED’s don’t offer improvements over traditional lighting forms. Offering reduced energy bills, a longer lifetime and good quality of light, LED’s are certainly the future and are here to stay.

As LED innovators ourselves, we keep a keen eye on the latest developments and until now innovation in the LED market has centred around improving performance and efficiency. With this now starting to plateau due to LED chip technology reaching its maximum potential, what’s next for LED’s?


IoT Will Continue to Influence LED Lighting


Late last year, we spoke about the Internet of Things (IoT) and LED’s in this blog post. We are still in the very early stages regarding IoT applications and the market is still a young one – early adopters will have benefited from new technologies last year, but there is a still a long way to go before commercial IoT LED products really take off with the masses.

As IoT is such a fast moving area, it’s very hard to predict – but as we made clear in our post, the applications that have strong business propositions are the ones gaining the most traction, including energy control and monitoring, footfall and hotspot counting, remote security and safety applications.

2018 will be the year more businesses take advantage of interactive LED lighting, we predict massive uptake in the hospitality industry – especially hotels.


Commercial LED’s


With the cost of LEDs dropped by a huge amount and advances being made all of the time, they are an attractive, cost-effective lighting option in many different settings, from domestic to commercial, industrial and retail.


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