16 Nov 2017
Lighting specialists IDES UK discuss workplace lighting

Most people usually welcome autumn, first we have the falling leaves and festivities including Halloween and Bonfire Night. However, one thing most of us don’t enjoy is the days getting shorter and the nights longer. ‘Look how dark it is already!’, how many times have you heard that over the last few weeks? It happens every year, but the darker nights always seem to sneak up on us! The dark can actually cause a few problems for some individuals and businesses though, so how can you ensure that your workplace lighting is adequate enough for the dark months?


Workplace Lighting


Some businesses operate in darker conditions year round (24 hour businesses), but the usual 9-5 type of business, only encounter dark working conditions over the winter months. Between December and January, the sky can start to darken from as early as 3.30pm, meaning people will spend around at least a couple of hours in their place of work after dark.

Lighting specialists IDES UK discuss workplace lighting


It’s important that your business is prepared for this and the effect it can have on employees. Many people in the UK are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as the ‘winter blues’, SAD can severely reduce motivation and increase depression in sufferers. There are many things that an employer can do to help keep the workforce happier and one of those is to keep your lighting in tip top condition. Although SAD is related to a lack of natural light, artificial light is better than no light.


In addition, it’s important from a safety perspective that your workplace is well-lit. Darker offices or warehouses could be an absolute minefield of accidents waiting to happen when the lighting is low! There are no rules and regulation around lighting in the workplace, but common judgement is advised.


It’s important that workplace lighting:


  • Allows employees to notice hazards and assess risk
  • Helps those who may be affected by seasonal affective disorder
  • Is suitable for the type of work been done
  • Provides enough light so that the eyes are not strained
  • Doesn’t cause glare in reflective surfaces or flicker
  • Does not cause excessive light differences between two areas
  • Is kept in good repair and maintained on a regular basis
  • Includes emergency lighting as a back up


External Lighting


Not only do you need to consider the inside of the workplace in darker months, there are the outdoor areas too. Depending on how close your workplace is to other sources of light, the carpark or yard could be pitch black by 5pm!


It is essential for employee safety and convenience, that carparks are fitted with well designed lighting solutions or floodlights. Best case scenario could be someone fumbling in the dark looking for their car keys, while worst could include attacks or severe accidents.


External lighting is also essential in workplaces that use their outside space – places like warehouses will have loading bays that need to be well lit to ensure the safety of workers.


Garage Lighting Services


Lighting specialists IDES UK discuss workplace lighting Good lighting is especially important in the automotive industry. More specifically, the bodyshop industry. Lightning is needed to see paint and detail, avoiding costly mistakes and boosting business. Spray booth lighting needs to be especially powerful, yet energy efficient. IDES supply and fit a range of high output LED luminaires made for the automotive industry.


Lighting for spray booths serves two purposes. It effectively illuminates the workspace so that employees can see that colours match, and that they are achieving an even level of spray. It’s also essential for employee safety – the right lighting makes paint mist visible, letting the sprayer avoid it.


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