24 Aug 2017

If you didn’t already know, our company is called IDES UK. For the uninitiated, IDES isn’t just a scramble of random letters that we cobbled together. It isn’t even ‘IDEAS’ spelt incorrectly, as several people have believed in the past. No, contrary to popular opinion, we did actually put some real thought into what we called ourselves. Because a name obviously sticks with you for life, so we thought that we probably should.


So, if your curiosity is already getting the better of you, we’ll put you out of your misery; IDES actually stands for ‘Industrial Domestic Electrical Services’. As you can see, the acronym sums us up completely; it’s what we do and who we serve. Plus, we like it. 


However, it doesn’t actually cover everything we do, because as well as the industrial and domestic sectors, we also cover the commercial and automotive sectors too. Although that would be a bit of a mouthful if they were included in our name, so we missed them off. Not that that should be taken as an indication that we value them any less; in fact, the automotive sector in particular is one of our primary markets.


Hence, as we’ve not discussed our various business sectors in detail yet, let’s take a closer look at each of the main 4 in a bit more detail.


Domestic Electrical Services


Our domestic electrical services are actually much less known about than everything else we offer, so this might be news to some of you, but yes, we do work in people’s homes as well as in workplaces. In fact, we actually do a lot in terms of home electrical services.


First of all, there’s LED lights. They’re our specialist area and we can bring our wealth of expertise to your house, designing a bespoke lighting plan for both the interior and exterior. Whether you want to replace your standard set-up with something a bit more fun and atmospheric, or are looking to illuminate a nice, long driveway, we’ll be more than happy to help. Our qualified engineers will also work with you to find the best design for your unique set of needs and your home before we install your new lighting system as quickly and with as little fuss as possible.


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If you’re looking for something other than lights, IDES can also kit you out with a brand new electrical heating system to keep your home lovely and toasty warm. No matter how old you’re your property is, our experienced team can help you decide which heating options are the best for you – whether that be underfloor heating, a fan assisted system, infrared heating or anything else from our long list. Working to the individual specifications of your home, we’ll then find the best layout for your heating system and get it all set up for you efficiently.


What’s more, your family and your home could also benefit from one of our top of the range security systems. Our experienced security specialists can set up CCTV around the outside (and inside, if you need it) of your house and have it recording 24/7. And if you want to feel extra secure, our team can also advise you on intruder alarms and supply and fit the best system for you that will protect your home and your family – and may even reduce your insurance premiums too.


On the other hand, if it’s health and safety you’re concerned about – and you should be; given the recent events in the news – we’ve got that covered for you too. The IDES team are experts in home fire safety and can set up a bespoke system of fire alarms around your house, ensuring that every area has one. What’s more, we can test and maintain your fire and carbon monoxide alarms for you too, to make sure they’re always working properly and your family is always protected.


Industrial Electrical Services


No matter what industry you’re in, our industrial electrical services can be tailored to suit you, as we cover anything from factories to warehouses. Thanks to our experience in the industrial sector, we can kit you out with the right LEDs to provide the correct brightness to allow you to see what you’re doing and increase your business’ energy efficiency.


To help with your health and safety requirements, we can install emergency lighting to ensure complete safety for all your staff in the event of an electrical failure. Particularly in an industrial setting, this is crucially important, so our specialist team will be able to advise you on all the legal requirements and the best policy for your business.


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To keep your business completely secure, the IDES team can also provide the same services as we would for our domestic customers, including CCTV systems and fire alarms; crucial to ensure your staff remain safe and your bottom line remains profitable.


Commercial Electrical Services


When it comes to commercial electrical services, IDES can provide exactly the same services as for our domestic and industrial markets, but we’ll still take into account the very unique needs of your business. For example, we could install bespoke intruder alarms at all entry points of your commercial property, along with a custom CCTV system, which could protect your premises, stock and staff all in one go.


In terms of commercial lighting, we will again work closely with you to find exactly the right designs and systems for your business. If you’re a retail shop, our bespoke lighting solutions can provide uniform light to prevent any shadowy corners, whilst still ensuring the work environment is not uncomfortably bright. For example, if you’re a restaurant business, we can supply and fit a custom lighting system with dimmers to ensure that each table is given a sufficient amount of light that remains atmospheric, whilst the main working areas remain bright and workable.


Automotive Electrical Services


IDES are experts in providing the best LED lighting and electrical solutions for the automotive industry; in fact, you could say this is our specialist area. In particular, we can fit your spraybooths and body repair workshops with the electrical lighting systems you need to do your job properly, because without the right light, your bodyshop work will suffer.


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We’ve even developed our own range of LED lighting solutions based on over 20 years of experience, which could just provide the perfect answer your automotive company is looking for. Check them out over on our Products page, or read our previous blog post here.


Another service becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry is electric vehicle charging. We can install these charging ports so that you can cater for a wider range of customers. Basically, whatever your automotive business needs, the IDES team are here to help, so why not let us find the perfect electrical and lighting solutions for you?


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No matter what electrical or lighting services you’re in need of – whether it be for your home or your business – IDES are the company you’re looking for. All our services can be tailored specifically to your needs, so we can be the solution to all your problems.


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