13 Apr 2018
Domestic Electrical Inspections from IDES UK

As providers of domestic electrical services we often encounter old electrical systems, DIY jobs gone wrong, and problems caused by faulty electronics. What can you do at home to avoid these problems – should you have routine electrical inspections and what can you check yourself?

Domestic Electrical Inspections

It’s important that ANY property have an electrical inspection at some point, whether it is domestic or commercial. Commercial properties tend to have them scheduled as part of their insurance and safety compliance but homeowners might not think to give their electrical systems a health check-up.

old faulty looking electricsOf course, if you’re a landlord,  then you will be familiar with electrical inspections as part of your commitment to tenant safety and for insurance purposes, but do you check appliances or just the overall electrics? If you provide a furnished property which includes electrical appliances, then it’s also your duty to ensure that the appliances are safe for the tenants to use.

Electrical systems can deteriorate with age and develop issues so it’s important to regularly check, making sure that everything is in tip-top condition and working as it should be. Not only because electrical problems can be annoying, but for the safety of people in your household.

A domestic household electrical inspection will reveal any potential hazards within the tested installation, Check for earthling and bonding (or the lack of it), as well as identify any defective work whilst checking all the fixed wiring. This includes testing RCD’s to make sure they trip under fault conditions and checking fuse and circuit breaker ratings.

When Should You Check Your Electrical Systems?

For domestic electrical inspections, there are no hard and fast rules for your own property.

There are certain situations where common sense will tell you that it might be a good idea to check the electrics, for example; after any significant events in the building which could have damaged or altered the electrical system. These include; fires, floods or anything that has affected the structure of the building.

It’s also worth considering an electrical inspection when it comes to selling your property, this could make your property more attractive as having an electrics report ready for potential buyers means it’s one job ticked off of their list. If you are a property buyer, it can be useful to have an inspection done before you finalise a purchase. This is especially important if you’re buying an older property where the electrics may be dangerous. An electrical inspection could save you lots of money down the road!

Who Should Carry Out Electrical Inspections?

A electrical engineer carries out an electrical inspectionYou should ensure that any electrical work is done by a qualified engineer that is certified under a recognised UK scheme. This includes inspections, maintenance and repairs. The most widely known electrical governing body is NICEIC.

IDES are a well-established contractor who carries out a range of domestic electrical services, We are centrally based in the UK with over 20 years’ experience and are an NICEIC approved contractor. We can carry out any domestic tasks including electrical inspections.

Get in touch if you have an enquiry about your property and its electrics. Call us on 08432 894645 or send an email to enquiry@idesuk.com

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