21 May 2020

The importance of adequate spray booth lighting is often overlooked by businesses – but it shouldn’t be. Without the correct lighting setup, you’re increasing the chances of colour mismatches and poor overall work. And you don’t want to be the business well known for that, right?

Instead, you want to be known as the business that delivers quality first time, every time. Producing poor results can lead to disgruntled customers and a range of knock-on effects. Damaged reputation, loss of custom and decreased profitability – to name a few. These can all have a severe impact on the success of your company. 

So, installing state of the art spray booth lighting helps position your business for the best chance of potential success. We know it can be quite daunting when trying to choose the right lighting solution and people can often be left not knowing where to start. So, this post will outline everything you need to know about spray booth lighting.


We’ll cover:


What is a Spray Booth? A Quick Recap

Spray booths are used for carrying out paintwork on a wide range of vehicles and products. From cars to aeroplanes, you need a clean enclosed space to carry out your work and stop dust from ruining your smooth paintwork. Otherwise, you’re going to end up with patchy results and more than likely, dissatisfied customers.


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Not only then will you need to redo the work you’ve carried out, but it’ll also prove to be a waste of time and money for your business. Especially if this is happening regularly. 

On top of being a clean workspace to carry out paintwork jobs, they’re also a safe environment for your team members so that the toxic fumes from the products used aren’t inhaled. These can quickly cause damage to the body and your respiratory system, so you need to ensure that your spray booth has the correct filtration system in place to ensure maximum safety. 


What is Spray Booth Lighting? And Why is it Necessary?

So, what is spray booth lighting? Well, exactly what it says on the tin really. It’s not rocket science to figure out what it is but getting the right lighting system for your business is incredibly important. Your lighting needs to be on point. That way, you’re giving yourselves the best chance of success and quality results.

Spray booth lighting should be as close to natural outside lighting as possible. When carrying out paint jobs, it’s crucial to match colours. So, for a true match and a consistent colour, you need the best lighting possible. Otherwise, you’re going to end up with a colour that might look fine in the booth but in reality, it’s a pretty poor effort. 


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Not only does the lighting system itself have to be perfect but the way it’s positioned has to be optimal too. Positioning lights incorrectly is just as criminal as having a poor lighting system installed. Poorly positioned lights will leave shadows and dark spots, which means that some places on the vehicle will be a lot harder to work on than others. 

Ideally, you should use a mixture of high, mid and low-level lighting to encompass an ideal working environment. Always ensure that the lighting system you choose has been certified and is compliant with the most recent health and safety regulations. They’re a high-risk environment, so you should always make sure that team members working within them are safe at all times. 


How Does it Work?

Spray booth lighting is all about providing the right lighting so that safety and effective results are achieved at all times. Nobody deserves to go to work every day and worry about their safety, do they? So, by installing the right lighting system, you improve safety levels which, in turn, can boost productivity, team morale and profitability. 

Whilst it may seem silly that a lighting system can have a direct effect on profitability, you’d be surprised to know that it’s actually true. If team members are in a working environment where they know it’s completely safe, they’ll naturally work harder and be more productive. They’re not worried about harmful fumes being consumed and have adequate lighting to carry out the job safely. 

By installing a top of the range spray booth lighting system, you’re improving the chances of matching your colours perfectly. Think about it, trying to match colours in a dark and unlit spray booth would be nearly impossible and you’d indefinitely encounter some pretty poor results. 


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So, choose the perfect lighting system if you want to create industry-topping results. This will help the results of your current jobs and it’ll also improve your reputation. Customers will be quick to recommend your business and you’ll be well known as the company who delivers on every job. 

A strong reputation is one of the most valuable factors that a business can hold. Word of mouth recommendation is still so powerful and customers have long memories. Which is why you need to get it right, as you don’t want to be remembered for all the wrong things. 


Choosing a Spray Booth Lighting Installer

When selecting spray booth lighting, you must think about what you want to achieve and aim to get an even distribution of light in the booth. There are many factors that can influence lighting levels in spray booth application. When choosing fixtures yourself, it’s important to know:


  • Is the application retrofit or new?
  • The inside dimensions of the booth?
  • What is the specific booth design?
  • What are the type and number of existing lights in the booth?
  • For servicing, do you want the lights to be accessed from the inside or outside?
  • Does an existing booth have corner chambers, and what are the sizes?
  • What material is the booth floor?
  • The materials used for booth construction are specific colours.
  • Are there man-doors in the booth walls?
  • If there are any windows or translucent panels in the booth. 
  • Where the filters are located.


When choosing a spray booth lighting installer, you need to opt for a business who you can trust and that’ll take care of everything. The last thing you want to do is select a business to work with, only for them to let you down and cause you plenty of unnecessary stress, right? Or, they carry out the job poorly and leave you having to invest once again. 

So, make sure that you choose a reputable company who is well known for delivering the perfect job every time. Some businesses don’t care about anything else other than lining their own pockets – you want to stay clear of these. Choose a business that has your best interests at the heart of the project. Not one that’s solely in it for themselves. 


How IDES Can Help

At IDES, our spray booth lighting services are guaranteed to suit a wide range of businesses. We aim to support businesses of all sizes and provide bespoke lighting solutions that are perfect for their working environment. 

We’re vastly experienced in supplying the perfect spray booth lighting solutions for businesses throughout the UK. We supply bespoke lighting systems for spray booths across the UK. Whether you’re in London, Scotland, Manchester or Wales – we’re determined to find the right solution and won’t let your business-base stand in the way, as proven from our rigorous site surveying service.

We appreciate that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to lighting. Which is why our expert team works tirelessly with our clients to ensure that the most suited lighting solution is provided for every job. We’re not happy unless you are. 


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IDES care about your business – which is what sets us apart from your everyday electrical businesses. We care about your business, the safety of your employees and the results you achieve too. Which is why we’ll work together to create the perfect products to help drive your business forward. 

So, for more information on how we can help your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our team will be on hand to answer questions and queries you may have and alleviate any pre-project worries. We’re dedicated to helping businesses across the UK grow and succeed, find out how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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