10 Sep 2020

Finding and installing adequate body shop lighting is often an afterthought for a lot of businesses – however, this is a major no-no for businesses working within this industry. After all, when working with specific paintwork, you should be aiming to achieve a consistent match in all your work, not leaving it to guesswork and hoping for the best.

Without the right lighting, you’ll never match colours accurately – it’s physically impossible. A lot of body shop daily jobs are matching paintwork on damaged vehicle parts, so without the right body shop lighting, the services of your whole business could come crashing down to a halt.

So, how can you ensure that the lighting is always adequate in body shops? And why is it actually important that it is? Don’t worry if you’re not sure, this post will explain in detail everything you need to know about body shop lighting and how you can take the first step to installing the perfect solution for you.


We’ll cover:


What is a Vehicle Body Shop?

For any vehicle damage repairs or modifications, customers are required to take their cars to a body shop. Whether it’s major rebuilds, buffs and polishes or a new paint job, body shops provide a variety of services. People take a lot of pride in their vehicles, so body shops need to be able to provide the best standard service possible to meet and exceed expectations.

After all, people take their cars to body shops with the idea that they’re going to look good as new when they come out – not the adverse effect. If cars are inconsistently painted or bad all-round service is provided, unfortunately, your body shop won’t be open for very long. Your reputation is everything – word of mouth travels fast and can bring your business to its knees if the right things aren’t said.


vehicle body shop lighting repair work


Vehicle body shops aren’t just for the general public and their cars either – there’s plenty more that they can offer than just that. While the commercial trade is a large bulk of their business, you’ll find a lot of businesses seek the use of a body shop to help with repairs on trains, lorries, taxis and aircraft too. 

Again, this stamps home the need for a quality and consistent service provided at all times. If a business is trusting you to portray their brand image on their customer-facing vehicles, the last thing they want is a shoddy overall job. What would that insinuate about their business? A quality job connotes a top-class business and service provided, which is desirable by all companies. 


The Type of Work Carried Out in a Vehicle Body Shop

Vehicle repairs account for the majority of a lot of vehicle body shop’s working output. Think about it, a vehicle can be damaged in many ways and judged on a wide spectrum of severity. From scratches and scrapes to needing full new parts, different jobs in body shops can be worlds apart – which is what makes working in the industry so challenging and rewarding. 

Colour matching paintwork is often involved in jobs. If a vehicle needs a new part but the original colour doesn’t match the main body, you’re going to need to head to the spray booth and apply a consistent colour overall. What is a spray booth? Well, basically, it’s an environment within a body shop that provides the best lighting and filtration to carry out the most accurate job possible. 

If your body shop doesn’t have a spray booth, quite simply, you’re missing out and are at risk of being left behind by the competition. Spray booths ensure that team members are safe, which in turn, puts them in the best position to work as productively and efficiently as they can. They’re proven to reduce mistakes, which saves overall time and streamlines processes. 

Body shop paint technicians are highly skilled to make the vehicle look as good as new. However, if your body shop isn’t well equipped or is poorly lit, then it doesn’t matter how good the technician is, the quality of the final job is likely to be poor. Paint technicians are skilled to work on impact damage, refreshing panels and much more.


What is the Importance of Adequate Body Shop Lighting?

Overall Job Consistency

Without the right body shop lighting, how can you expect to match colours accurately? You can’t. So, if your body shop isn’t lit properly, there’s a good chance that you’ll be providing poor matches and poor overall service. If this happens on a regular basis, the amount of time spent by your team rectifying mistakes will have a huge impact on profitability and productivity. 

Ensuring that you deliver on jobs consistently is what stamps your reputation within the industry. Consistency is key – however, consistently deliver badly on jobs and you’ll be remembered for all the wrong reasons. After all, how can you match a colour when you can’t see it? That’s why it’s important to have the right bespoke lighting solution in place for your business.


Health and Wellbeing of Team Members

Your team members should always be your main priority. After all, without them, you have nobody to work in the body shop and you’ll be forced to operate at partial capacity. They’re your most valuable commodity, so you have to treat their wellbeing and safety as paramount importance. When working with toxic materials and machinery, your team will need a well-lit environment. 

If your body shop isn’t lit properly, your team will feel unsafe – which will have a knock-on effect on their performance at work. Your team members don’t deserve to go into work every day worrying about whether they’re going to return injured or not, right? Well, by adequately lighting the workplace you’re helping alleviate any worries and positioning the team brilliantly for success within your industry. 


How IDES Can Help

At IDES, we recognise the need for bespoke lighting solutions within body shops. No two workplaces are the same, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that works for different businesses within the industry. That’s no problem, we work tirelessly with our customers to ensure that the ideal solution is planned and installed for their site.


body shop lighting car paint technician


We’re vastly experienced when working within body shops – especially with spray booth lighting and technology. Not only do they have to be lit adequately, but they need to have the right filtration system to ensure that all staff members are kept safe from toxic paint fumes. We’ve been helping body shops throughout the UK install their perfect lighting systems, with great success for both parties too.

We care about our customers and are always willing to go above and beyond for them. Whether it’s a free site survey and consultation before putting to paper for anything, or just a general chat on the phone to alleviate any pre-partnership worries, we’re here to make finding the ideal lighting solution as seamless as possible – as it should be. 


Need Body Shop Lighting? Look No Further Than IDES!

As we’ve just mentioned, we’re no strangers when it comes to planning and installing bespoke body shop lighting. So, you’re in luck! Look no further than IDES for all your needs and requirements. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and can meet any requirement for your body shops and spray booths. 

So, for more information on how we can help your business, waste no time and please don’t hesitate to get in touch! One of our expert team will be on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have in regards to your body shop lighting solution. 

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