24 Sep 2020

Adequate commercial spray booth lighting is paramount to achieving amazing results on every job. But why? Well, without the right lighting, it makes colour matching and paintwork consistency near impossible. The reason that businesses trust you with their commercial vehicles is that they expect a thorough job to be done – not the opposite. 

So, what is commercial spray booth lighting? Don’t worry if you’re not sure – that’s what we’re here for! This post will outline everything you need to know about commercial spray booth lighting. From the importance of having the right solution in place to the benefits that it can bring to your business. 


We’ll cover: 


What is a Commercial Spray Booth?

Commercial spray booths are used for carrying out paintwork on larger vehicles. From lorries to aeroplanes, vans to taxis, there’s a wide range of vehicles that can be worked on in commercial spray booths. They’re a specially designed environment to best position your business to carry out the most efficient and thorough job possible. 

Otherwise, if you’re working in the complete wrong environment, the likelihood is that a lacklustre job will be the outcome. This will undoubtedly lead to disgruntled customers. After all, they’ve invested in your services for a professional job to be carried out to portray their own business on their vehicle fleet. Nobody will want to put their brand name to a poor quality job, right? 

Not only are they workspaces that guarantee quality, but they’re also designed to keep your team members safe too. When working closely with paint and other toxic substances, you need a top-class filtration system to ensure that no toxic fumes are being consumed by your team. These can have a direct effect on your team’s overall health and wellbeing and the threat needs to be addressed. 


What is Commercial Spray Booth Lighting?

Without stating the obvious too much, commercial spray booth lighting is the strips and fittings that adequately light up your spray booth. So, if it’s just lighting, why is it so important to get right? Well, firstly, when you’re working with colours, you need to best position your team members to get the most accurate colour matches that they can, right? 

Otherwise, you’ll end up with patchy and inconsistent work. If there’s one quality that people crave from their paintwork, it’s consistency – especially businesses. Patchy paintwork on your commercial fleet of vehicles can reflect badly on your business. Think about it, if you can’t even get your own brand image right, how can you be expected to carry out a thorough job in your area of expertise? 


spray booth lighting


As the perfect lighting to carry out paint jobs is natural sunlight, you should aim to get your system to be as close of a match as possible. Natural sunlight is the best light because there are little shadows, meaning that you can have full visibility on the vehicle or aircraft that you’re working on – and any finicky parts don’t get missed. 

High, mid and low-level lighting is the optimum combination for commercial spray booth lighting. Positioning is everything with your lighting – do not forget that! Positioning, positioning, positioning. Poorly laid out lights can leave inconsistencies and shadows, which can make it super hard to carry out a proper job. 

Inconsistent jobs are the biggest no-no in the industry – there’s nothing worse. Not only will you be left to carry out the job again, which will take up extra time and money, but you’ll also gain a bad reputation within the industry. Sure, everyone might be talking about your business, but it won’t be for the right reasons. 


The Benefits of Adequate Commercial Spray Booth Lighting

Improved Productivity 

You might be thinking, “what does adequate lighting have to do with improved productivity?” However, you’d be surprised. With the correct lighting, jobs can be carried out easier and a lot quicker than ever before. With that in mind, your team members will be getting through more jobs than they would if the spray booth was poorly lit. 

That means that your capacity will be increased, as you’ll save a lot of time. With the correct lighting, jobs will be completed a lot more accurately too. Meaning that your team won’t have to revisit any mistakes and the overall job time will be drastically improved. Saving time means that you can reallocate the time elsewhere in the business in the areas that need it the most. 


Cost Saving

If you’re trying to adequately light a commercial spray booth with the wrong kind of lighting, you’re going to need a lot of fittings. A lot of fittings means that a lot of energy will be used, which, in turn, means you’ll need to spend a lot on electricity charges. By using the correct spray booth lighting, you can adequately light your workspace cost-efficiently. 

What business doesn’t want to slash their costs bill and increase their profitability? We can’t think of one out there! That’s why it’s important to have the perfect lighting solutions for your requirements and needs. 

Unfortunately, there’s no blueprint that works for all businesses. However, IDES will work tirelessly with you to ensure that the perfect solution to meet your premises and budgetary requirements is found and put into place.  


Improved Reputation

We’ve touched on this a little bit, however, if you’re constantly churning out amazing results, you’re going to get recognised for it. Likewise, if your spray booth isn’t adequately lit and you’re forever needing to go over old jobs and deal with disgruntled customers, everybody will know about it. Word travels fast – especially when it’s poor. 


spray booth lighting increased reputation


So, to improve your all-round reputation, you should make sure that your spray booth is always adequately lit with the perfect solution. That way, you can make sure that you’re in the best position to deliver on every job and earn the quality reputation that you rightfully deserve.


How IDES Can Help

At IDES, we’re commercial electrical contractors who care about our customers. We’re vastly experienced at finding the perfect spray booth lighting solutions to help your business deliver quality results, every time. But how do we know what’s right for your needs? Well, to start with, we’ll carry out UK-wide free site surveys to truly understand your requirements.

The correct lighting is crucial to the safety of your workforce, the quality of your service and the overall growth and success of your business. We recognise that the decision shouldn’t be rushed into, which is exactly why we’ll work tirelessly alongside you to ensure that you’re always getting the best product and value for money. 

It’s our duty of care and attention to detail that sets us apart from the rest of the industry. A lot of contractors within the industry are only bothered about lining their pockets, whereas, we look to build long-standing partnerships with all our customers. No matter what size your business is – or whereabouts in the UK you are – we’re certain that we can help and assist. 

So, waste no time and get in touch with us today! Our expert team is always on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have about commercial spray booth lighting. We understand that making the first step can be a little daunting, however, that’s fine! Sit back, relax and let us alleviate any worries that you may have. So, please don’t hesitate to give us a call – we look forward to speaking to you!

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