10 Oct 2020

Warehouses are notoriously busy workplaces – with hazards around every corner. With that in mind, your business must install the correct LED warehouse lighting to ensure that overall health and safety levels are as high as possible. 

Without the correct lighting, not only are you putting your team’s safety at risk but a plethora of other factors too. From low productivity to rising costs, there are a multitude of detrimental factors that can be brought into play if you fail to install an adequate LED warehouse lighting system. 

This post will outline and stress the importance of ensuring your warehouse is lit properly at all times. Plus, we’ll take a look at some added benefits that your business can take advantage of too – it’s often overlooked the positive impact that the perfect lighting system can have on your business. 


The Importance of Adequate LED Warehouse Lighting

Whether you operate in the logistics industry or food and drink, your business should always prioritise installing an adequate LED warehouse lighting system. But why? Well, warehouses are incredibly busy workplaces. From picking and packing to vehicles whizzing in and out of the site, there’s a LOT going on daily. 

So, to ensure that your team members can go about their work in the safest and most productive ways possible, the lighting should always be spot on. Without the right lighting, team members can easily miss hazards and risks, which can lead to accidents. This could be anything from a slip, trip and fall to a more severe machinery-related incident. 

Accidents can bring your operations to a partial or full standstill – it depends on the severity of them. Of course, sometimes they’re unavoidable, that’s natural. However, if you’re not taking the relevant precautions to prevent accidents happening – like adequately lighting your warehouse, this could have a negative impact on your operations. 

Regular downtime is a cardinal sin for businesses. If you’re regularly not operating at full capacity, missing targets and delaying deadlines, there are a lot of stakeholders who aren’t going to be best pleased. From your clients and customers to your internal superiors, you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do. 

Finding the perfect LED warehouse lighting solution is often overlooked by businesses – but it shouldn’t be. 


Improving Overall Health and Safety Levels

There are a lot of potential hazards in warehouses. So, you don’t need to run the risk of making them any more dangerous with poor lighting, do you? Think about it, if warehouses are dimly lit, there’s a big chance that your team members will easily miss hazards and could end up hurting themselves, isn’t there? 


LED warehouse lighting health and safety

Whereas, if all areas are adequately lit, you’re giving your workforce every chance of easily spotting hazards and dealing with them in the right course of action. This will mean that accident levels will be reduced and your team aren’t constantly worried about where the next threat to their health and wellbeing will be coming from. 

Nobody deserves to go to work each day and worry about returning home injured, do they? By installing an adequate LED warehouse lighting system, you’re removing all worry for your team members and ensuring that their focus is spent elsewhere than worrying about potential injuries. 


Boost Productivity

Once you’ve removed any worry about your team members hurting themselves at work, they can then remain focused on getting the task at hand done. Think about it, if you’re spending your days worrying about falling over or getting hurt, you’re not committing everything to the task that you’re working on, are you? 

With one less thing to worry about, your team members can start to work a lot more productively and focus intensely on the areas of tasks that need it the most. That’ll please your stakeholders! Increased capacity and output has a wide range of benefits and positive knock-on effects for the business.

Quite simply, if your warehouse is lit well, your team members will be able to more easily avoid hazards and see what they’re doing in general. If you can actually see what you’re doing, we’d hedge our bets that you’re going to work a lot more productively and efficiently than if you couldn’t. 

Not being able to see properly or not having the correct lighting could lead to mistakes creeping into your work – this results in more time being spent correcting jobs and less overall capacity. 


Cut Costs and Improved Profitability 

LED warehouses lighting systems are specially designed to be run for long periods, while not breaking the bank. If you don’t have the right lighting system in place, you could be facing sky-high bills at the end of each month that’s swallowing a lot of your profit margin unnecessarily. 

While you may think that your warehouse lighting looks adequate, it might not be. Sure, everything can be well lit and daily jobs can be carried out safely and efficiently, but is your lighting positioned properly, or do you have more fittings than you actually need? When trying to light a warehouse with inadequate lighting, you usually end up with an unnecessary amount of fittings, which means that running costs quickly soar! 

By installing a bespoke LED warehouse lighting system that’s custom made for your needs and requirements, you’re undoubtedly best positioning your business to improve efficiency. They require less energy and recycle energy in more efficient ways to perfectly light warehouses for long periods. 

Cutting costs while benefiting from a far superior product? Sounds like a winner to us! Especially when cutting costs means your profitability levels will increase too – result. 


Upholding Much Higher Standards

If your business is claiming to be the best in industry and marketing themselves in high regard, you need to be able to back this up with your actions. Quite simply, talk is cheap in a market full of competitors. If you’re not honest and transparent, your business loses all credibility and your competition will be there to pick up the scraps. 

That’s why you need to uphold high standards right the way through the business – not just the customer-facing parts. If you’re claiming to be a market leader, but your operations are suffering because your warehouse is inadequately lit, you’re experiencing regular downtime and mistakes are creeping into your work – you’re not being honest with your audience. 


LED warehouse lighting upholding high standards


So, by adequately lighting your warehouse with a bespoke LED lighting system, you’re best positioning your business to carry out operations smoothly, quickly and efficiently. That way, you can back up what you’re marketing about your business and let your actions do the talking. 

High standards should be upheld right the way through the business – and there’s nothing worse than false promises, is there? 


How IDES Can Help

So, there you have it! By adequately lighting your warehouse, you’re best positioning your business for increased chances of success. At IDES, that’s what we care about. We realise the importance that bespoke lighting systems have for your overall health and safety and general operations. 

We’ve worked with a wide range of warehouse-based businesses from all different industries. Unfortunately, there’s no blueprint for how LED warehouse lighting should look from business to business – it’d make our lives easier if there was! However, that’s not an issue as we’re here to help drive your business forwards. 

Ensuring that lighting systems are perfect for individual business’ is essential for improved efficiency. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that everything is considered. No matter where you’re located, we’ll travel to your site and carry out a FREE survey to ensure that nothing is missed and the best solution can be installed.

We’re meticulous and thorough in everything that we do – which simply, is why we’re one of the best in the industry. With that in mind, if you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today! One of our expert teams will be on hand to answer your questions and queries. 

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