25 Jun 2020
what is industrial lighting

Industrial lighting plays a key part in the safety and performance of your business. It’s typically found in warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants and other hazardous workplaces. If these working environments aren’t lit properly, the various hazards that your workforce are exposed to daily become a lot more dangerous. 

But what is industrial lighting? And how do you know what lighting solutions are necessary for your business? There’s no one-size-fits-all approach with industrial lighting – each workplace is different, so commands unique requirements and needs. What works for other businesses in your industry may not necessarily work perfectly for you. 

If you’re not sure about industrial lighting on the whole, don’t worry. This post will explain everything you need to know. From what industrial lighting is, the benefits it can bring to your business and the environments it can typically be found in. 


We’ll cover: 


What is Industrial Lighting?

When you hear the term “industrial lighting”, what’s the first thing that you think of? For us, it’s factories, warehouses, distribution centres and the various industrial settings that span a wide range of industries. If you also have these thoughts, you’re on the right tracks. 

Obviously, these industrial settings all need adequate lighting to operate safely and efficiently – and that’s exactly what industrial lighting is. From emergency lighting to bespoke LED lighting solutions, there are many variations of industrial lighting that businesses require to optimally perform.  

Without the right lighting, how can you expect your workforce to carry out their job properly? Especially jobs that need optimal lighting for intricate tasks. You wouldn’t sit there and work in the dark yourself, would you? It’s not sufficient, it’s dull and doesn’t promote a productive working environment – these are the last things you want for your business. 

Going to work in a well-lit workspace can directly affect team morale and productivity. Think about it, if you’re going to work every day and greeted with a dull, uninspiring workspace, your business’ work is going to reflect this. Plus, when the sun’s out (albeit, not much in England) if you’re stuck in a dark office, it’ll no doubt leave team members feeling deflated.


Body Shop Industrial Lighting

Finding the perfect body shops and spray booth lighting is crucial. These environments have to be perfectly lit as finding the right colour matches and applying a consistent, smooth paintwork finish requires optimal lighting for best results. The ideal lighting style for these workplaces needs to be as close to daylight as possible – without any shadows, of course. 

Trying to find a true match of colours in inadequate lighting is impossible. You’ll only end up with a poor match and a shoddy paint job overall. That’ll lead to a disgruntled customer and will only end up with you having to do the job again. Adequate lighting improves the overall consistency of the job and will save you time by getting the job done quicker, without any quality compromise. 


what is industrial lighting spray booth lighting


In body shops and spray booths, we can’t stress how important it is that the lighting is perfect. Even if just one area of the body shop is poorly lit, it will have a huge impact on the overall job. When painting a vehicle, if the whole of the car is perfectly painted but one area lets it down, then the whole job suffers and it’ll look incredibly unprofessional. 

Not only is lighting important for the consistency of the job but also the safety of the workers too. Spray booths and body shops are usually filled with machinery that needs operating, plus the paint they use is highly toxic if not used in the right environment. So that your team can handle the machinery and manage their paint usage properly, you need to ensure that clear lighting and a high-spec ventilation system is in place. 


Warehouse Industrial Lighting

Warehouses are very busy environments – and with increased busyness welcomes a whole load of hazards. Slips, trips and falls, falling objects, machine handling and processing deliveries are just some of the hazards that are apparent in this scenario. If you fail to light your warehouse adequately, you’ll be heightening these risks and will leave your workforce uncomfortable. 

After all, nobody deserves to go work and have in the back of their mind that they may go home that day injured or hurt, do they? Warehouse accidents aren’t usually just cuts and grazes either – they can be very serious. When handling powerful machinery, if you make a mistake it could lead to limb amputation and in the extreme worst-case scenario fatalities. So, the importance of adequate lighting is imperative. 


what is industrial lighting warehouse lighting


If your team members are working while worrying about whether their health and safety are taken care of, they’re likely to not be working at full pelt. This will impact productivity and may see some of the typical tight deadlines delayed. Therefore, not taking the right safety protocols and installing the correct lighting solutions may have a knock-on effect on performance. 

Warehouse managers and business owners are always looking for different ways to improve business efficiency and profitability. Well, if you don’t have the correct lighting solutions in place, you could be spending a fortune on adequately lighting your workspace – when you don’t need to. 

Bespoke industrial lighting solutions are a great way of saving money. They’re environmentally friendly and work efficiently to bring costs down while still allowing for optimum performance. So, if you can save money whilst still operating a maximum, your business is going to be more profitable, right? 


Office Space Industrial Lighting

Whilst the hazards are little less serious in offices than they are in warehouses and body shops, they are still apparent if you don’t have the correct lighting system in place. When working in an office, a lot of your team members time is spent looking at computer screens. Without the correct lighting, this can cause physical strain on the eyes and can have lasting damage over time. 

Offices need to be bright and inspiring places to work to get the best out of your workforce. When sitting in the same room all day, you want to spark inspiration and creativity at all times. A dull office will fail to do so and that’ll likely reflect in the work that you do for your clients and customers. 


what is industrial lighting office lighting


When using computers, TV screens and other electrical devices, the electric bill for office spaces can be sky-high. So, you need to look at energy saving methods to bring these costs down. Industrial lighting systems are designed around your unique office requirements and can be far more cost-efficient for your business. 

In case of emergencies, offices need to be evacuated quickly and safely. Emergency lighting plays a key role in ensuring that hallways and stairwells are adequately lit so that the evacuation process is as seamless as possible. The last thing you want in a state of panic is total darkness to increase the urgency. By implementing industrial lighting you’re easing any further worries that your team members may have. 


Implementing the Correct Industrial Lighting Solution Can Help Your Business

As you’ve just read, industrial lighting covers a lot of different working environments. It has many different purposes including, increasing safety, boosting productivity levels and reducing costs where applicable. So, if your business doesn’t currently have a bespoke industrial lighting system in place, you may want to consider it. 

We understand that it can be a little daunting in the consideration stage – which is why we’re here to help. At IDES, we’re industry-leading electrical contractors who are vastly experienced in supplying bespoke industrial lighting solutions throughout the UK. Whether it’s London, the Scottish Highlands, the South-West or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. 

For more information on how we can help your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today! One of our expert team members will be on hand to help answer any questions or queries you may have, plus, alleviate any worries. So, take the first step towards operating more efficiently today!

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