14 Jul 2020
commercial lighting ideas

When we think of offices, retail spaces, bars and restaurants, we’re often too distracted by the nice clothes, fancy cocktails and other things that are going on, right? The atmosphere created in these places has to be vibrant and energetic, to spark interest, inspiration and engagement. 

Put it this way, if a store was dull and uninviting, would you head inside for a browse around? Or, would you simply walk past unbothered? We’d bet that it’s the latter. Well, for businesses to make their stores, offices and other establishments warm, inviting and eye-catching, they must have the right commercial lighting systems in place. 

The impact of commercial lighting often goes unnoticed. It can change the whole mood of a room dramatically and can make even the most well decorated and moving room, seem unnatural and uncomfortable. So, when thinking about your interior design, you must take into consideration a wide range of commercial lighting solutions. 

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start when in the consideration stage – we know, there’s a lot of ideas out there. Some of them are amazing, while others aren’t as impressive. We’ve handpicked three of our favourite commercial lighting ideas for you to take a look at. 


We’ll cover:


What is Commercial Lighting? 

Without stating the obvious too much, the term “commercial lighting” refers to any lighting solution that’s designed to brighten up commercial space. For example, retail stores, office blocks, pubs, restaurants and many more different settings. When you first hear those scenarios, it’s not often you think of the lighting solution inside of them, is it?

The role of commercial lighting is often overlooked. If businesses get their lighting choice wrong, not only will their place look and feel all wrong but it’ll likely have a knock-on effect on business too. Think about it, nobody wants to go for a quiet pint in their local pub that’s instead of being all cosy, lit up like a warehouse, right?


what is commercial lighting


The correct lighting type is essential to the mood of the room. You could decorate your space as perfectly as you’d like, however, if the lighting is slightly off, you won’t emulate your desired ambience. This is vital for performance – the wrong atmosphere in a bar, restaurant or shop can leave people talking. You don’t want to be on the lips of the public for an unwelcoming and cold atmosphere, do you? 

As with a lot of bespoke lighting systems, there’s no one size fits all approach that’s suitable for commercial lighting. From the design of the lights to the placement within your work setting or retail space, what works for one person, isn’t guaranteed to work for another. So, with commercial lighting, you can get inventive and be sure that nobody within your industry has a solution as cool as yours – especially when leaving your mark on things. 


Office Lighting?

Offices should be fun, inspiring places to work – and believe it or not, creativity can be accelerated by having the correct commercial lighting solution in place. If offices are dull and gloomy, it’s likely that your workforce will reflect that in your efforts. Plus, your office should be the hub for your brand, so you should want it to reflect your core values throughout. 

In creative environments that are customer-facing, the design of your office is everything. If you’re regularly hosting client visits in your office, you want them to be wowed by the working environment you’ve created, right? Not only do you want them to see your well-designed workspace, but you want them to feel comfortable too. 

The correct lighting can change the mood dramatically. It can be the difference between your team members and clients feeling comfortable in your office or not. If your team members aren’t settled into your office, it’s likely that their productivity levels will be down and ultimately your profitability as a business will take a hit too. 


Bespoke and Minimalistic Inspiration

To give your office a truly unique feel, bespoke light fittings ensure that your office is like no other. Minimalistic lighting ideas give your office a modern, cool look – which can connote that your business takes the same approach in your service. Long gone are the days of boring offices, it’s all about new ideas and excitement!


commercial lighting office


Minimalistic light fittings are all the rage at the minute – and don’t look as though they’re going anywhere fast! At IDES, we’re vastly experienced in creating bespoke designs that suit all needs. If you want the traditional office lighting solutions, but want to mix it up in your breakout and relaxation areas – as many businesses do, we can cater for that!


In-Store Lighting

To draw in footfall and physically make people stop in awe at your store, your design is absolutely everything. Not only do you need to rely on your window displays and other engagement tactics, but the mood of your store – set by your commercial lighting solution, is massively important too. 

It sounds silly to think that customers will be put off shopping in your store if the lighting isn’t adequate – but it couldn’t be more true. For example, if we mentioned the brand Hollister to you, what would be the first thing to pop into your head? Would it be the relaxed California-inspired product range, or would it be the dimly lit stores? We guarantee it’d be the latter. 

Whilst all publicity is good publicity – you don’t want to be remembered for the wrong reasons. You should aim to create the perfect atmosphere in your shop that matches your brand. Shoppers should feel welcome in your store, not as though it’s closing time and all the lights are as bright as possible.


Ambient Lighting

Creating the right ambience in your store is vital. Ambient lighting is the main lighting that ensures that customers feel comfortable in your store. If customers don’t feel comfortable, they’re unlikely to stay in the store for prolonged periods. The less time they spend in your store, the less opportunity they have to spend a large amount of money.


commercial lighting ambient


At IDES, we realise the importance of ambient lighting in stores. We’ve previously worked with many commercial retail projects and know what it takes to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and requirements. 


Bar and Restaurant Lighting

Commercial lighting within bars and restaurants is huge – not only does it serve the purpose of adequately lighting the places but also it adds to the fashionable design and layout of the establishment too. If you’re trying to create a classy atmosphere, yet only fit your properties with bog-standard and poor lighting solutions, you’ll appear to be more cheap than classy. That’s not ideal for your brand image and appeal, is it? 

Bars and restaurants are often themed. This means that from the drinks they serve, the uniforms that staff members wear and the lighting fitted throughout has to be on-theme to have the desired effect. For example, if you’re trying to create an atmosphere in an old-fashioned saloon-type whiskey bar and you use the wrong lighting solution, the ambience will all come crashing down around you.


Retro Lighting

A lot of bars and restaurants have leaned towards adopting a retro theme. From retro burger shacks to old school RnB bars, you’re going to need the right lighting solution to create the perfect atmosphere. 


commercial lighting restaurant


At IDES, we abundantly stock PLL 86880 retrofit lamps. So, if your current lighting solution isn’t on point or is letting the whole ambience down, these lamps can easily slot into your existing fitting and provide a wide range of settings to suit any bar or restaurant. Plus, they’re eco-friendly and energy saving, so they help keep those all-important costs down too – which is important for any business. 


IDES Are Here to Help With Your Commercial Lighting

Finding the right commercial lighting solution has a direct impact on the success of your business. So, it’s a big decision to make and is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly at all. It requires a lot of thought and consideration – luckily for you, we’re here to help guide you through the process to make choosing the right solution a walk in the park. 

At IDES, we pride ourselves on our first-class customer service and our determination to find the perfect solution for your business. We specialise in completely bespoke designs and fittings, that way, you have the perfect match for your individual needs and requirements. We work throughout the UK, performing site visits and surveys to ensure that everything is considered before the work starts. 

So, for more information on how we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our expert team will be on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have on commercial lighting. 

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