03 Aug 2020
led office lighting - comprehensive guide

People often underestimate the worth of the right LED office lighting. Having a bespoke system installed that’s unique to your office space can bring a world of benefits. Offices are inspiration hubs that are meant to spark creativity and bright business ideas – but if your premises isn’t lit properly, it’s, in fact, going to do the opposite. 

This isn’t their only purpose either. LED office commercial lighting has many purposes – including improving safety, creating a nice ambience for your team members and much more. When looking for the perfect lighting solution for your workspace, it’s important that you don’t rush into things or cut corners. 

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. This post includes everything you need to know about LED office lighting. It’s your all-in-one guide to selecting a system that matches your business perfectly. 


We’ll cover:


What is LED Office Lighting?

As a quick recap, LED stands for light-emitting diode. They’re a type of semiconductor that emits light when met with an electric current. So, with that in mind, office LED lighting is strips of bulbs that are designed in bespoke systems to adequately light your workplace. As we’ve briefly mentioned, offices rely on lighting more so than you might think. 

Think about it, without lighting, how are your team members supposed to get any work done? Or, even navigate safely around the workplace. Without lighting, businesses would be left in the dark – literally. Jobs wouldn’t get done properly and the business would experience periods of downtime. 

Downtime – the dreaded words that no business owner wants to hear. Downtime is the consequence of a series of events that leaves businesses only operating at a lesser capacity or brings operations to a halt. When businesses are experiencing downtime, it means they can’t drive revenue and, therefore, profit. 


The Importance of Adequate Office Lighting?


First things first, adequate lighting improves the safety levels within the office. While they’re not renowned for being ultra-dangerous places to work, there are still many hazards in an office that if aren’t lit properly, can prove costly to your business. The risk of tripping hazards, wires and other hazards will be significantly increased without the correct lighting. 

In the event of an emergency, you need the right lighting solution for team members to follow to evacuate the premises properly. For example, fire exit routes need to be lit accordingly, so that team members know which way to go and can remain safe. Emergency lighting is crucial in offices – team members need the reassurance that they feel safe when at work. 


Sparks Inspiration

It may sound bizarre, but the way that your office is lit can spark creativity and inspiration. If the lighting is too dull or too bright, it may distract team members away from their work. In turn, this will lead to a poorer quality of work and overall standards will drop. Working in the right environment is important to get the most out of your workforce. 


led office lighting inspiration hub


Dull and dark offices aren’t the most inspiring, are they? Put yourself in the shoes of an office worker – what would you prefer to go to work at every day, a bright and inspiring workplace? Or a dull and miserable one with no life in it? We know which one we’d choose – and we can guarantee that the majority would also choose the former. 


Creates a Desirable Environment

If your team is housed in a dull and uninspiring workplace, it’s bound to rub off on their morale and productivity. In an office, you should always be looking for ways to control morale and ensure that all the team is as positive as you can. While some factors are out of your control, creating a workplace that people actually want to come to every day isn’t.

If your office is customer-facing, for example, you hold a lot of client meetings at your headquarters, then your premises need to be of a certain standard. You could work hard to create the most perfect setting for your business, but if the lighting is off, it’ll completely ruin the ambience. That’s how vital it is to have adequate lighting within an office environment. 


The Benefits of LED Office Lighting

As you’ve just read, LED office lighting is important to the success of your business and will directly affect your team members. But that’s not the only impact that it’ll have. There are many benefits that a bespoke system can have within your workplace, including:


  • LED bulbs are long-lasting. These products are known to last up to 20 times longer than more traditional bulbs – halogen or incandescent. 
  • They use less electricity. This is good news for your business’ wallet – less electricity means fewer overheads and increased business efficiency. That’s a winner if ever we’ve heard one. Upfront costs can be a little bit more – however, over the long-term you definitely will save money. 
  • They don’t produce as much heat. Keep your workforce cool and concentrating on their work – not melting in their seats and whining about the temperature. There’s nothing worse than a hot and sticky office, is there? 
  • They’re environmentally friendly. LED office lighting doesn’t create as much CO2, which is perfect for saving the planet! Plus, these advanced bulbs don’t produce toxic chemicals, such as, mercury – which other bulbs have been known to do previously. 
  • Choose your own colour preference. You have a chance to create the perfect ambience in your office, with your choice of colour that you wish. So, why not mix things up a bit and incorporate some of the colours of your business branding in there for a change? 



How IDES Can Help

At IDES, we’re no stranger to helping businesses with their LED office lighting. We’re experts in our field and are vastly experienced – so, we know exactly what it takes to find the perfect solution for you. To help us understand your needs and requirements, we carry out FREE site surveys – across the UK. 


led office lighting modern office


It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving into a new office and need a completely bespoke system designing, or you’d like to upgrade your old lighting system – we can help. Unlike our competitors, we stock the Retrofit PLL86880 lamps. They’re versatile and can be fit into existing systems to help save your business money in the long run. 

IDES are here to help. Whether it’s your office lighting, or the emergency lighting that guides the evacuation routes – we can help. Our experts work tirelessly alongside your business to make sure that you’re getting the best value for money with your cost-efficient, energy-saving and durable lighting solution. 


Contact IDES For All Your LED Office Lighting Needs!

As you’ve just read, LED office lighting plays a major part in the safety and success of your business. Plus, there are many benefits to implementing a bespoke LED solution for your business. And good news! IDES are here to help – you’ve read what we can do and what we’re exactly about, now it’s time to act on that. 

Implementing a new bespoke system can be pretty daunting – but it doesn’t have to be. That’s where we come in. We’re here to make designing and installing your LED office lighting as simple and seamless as possible. So, you can sit back, relax and let us do all the leg work. 

For more information on how we can help – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team is on hand to help answer any questions or queries you may have – plus, alleviate any worries that you may be thinking of. Take the first step towards becoming a more efficient business today with IDES!

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