09 Feb 2018
Photo illustrating a blog about domestic electrical safety

Electricity is extremely dangerous when not treated with due care, causing serious injury, or death. Most domestic fires are usually down to electrical issues – these can either be from faulty goods, overloaded sockets, or bodged DIY jobs.

Electricity in the Home

According to Electrical Safety First, over 15,000 domestic fires each year are caused by electrical problems. Statistics from 2015/6, show that there were almost 1400 fatalities, or serious injury, due to those fires.

It was also shown, that cookers and ovens were the leading cause of electrical fires and that nearly all fires are due to misuse of electrical goods.

These statistics seem alarmingly high, but we’re at more risk from electrical fires in the home in 2018, simply due to the number of electrical goods most homeowners have.

In the past, most family homes would have only contained one TV or stereo system – now, most families have these items in each room. That’s not to mention the games consoles, computers and white goods that are commonly found in the average home.

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