12 Oct 2021
how much to install electric car charger

When making the move to electric vehicles, you need to make various changes. For example, your car will no longer run on fuel, so you’ll need to be able to conveniently charge it. But how much does it cost to install an electric car charging point? And are they easily accessible? 

We understand that making the change to an electric vehicle can be daunting – after all, we’ve been used to the conventional fuel-based ones for so long. Nobody likes change, however, this post explains everything you need to know about installing an electric charging point at home. That way, you can make the switch a lot more easily. 


We’ll cover: 


Do You Need a Charging Point At Home?

Some people will jump right in from the off and install a charge point straight away. Whereas, others prefer to test their electric vehicle before investing in a home charge point. However, in the long term, they’re a necessity. After all, the majority of vehicle charging happens at home – it’s where you spend the most time. 

Motorists tend to charge their vehicles overnight. While it’s parked on the drive for a long period, it’s the perfect opportunity to allow your car to reach maximum charge. That way, you’re ready for the next day and can fulfil any journey without disruption. Similar to your mobile phone, this is the most popular way of charging. 

Home charging points allow you to take advantage of fast charging times and built-in safety features. Plus, depending on your energy tariff, you can dictate the pricing. Similar to topping up your fuel at the right station, you should shop around for the right tariff to ensure that you get the right price. 


How Much Does it Cost to Install a Home Electric Vehicle Charge Point?

According to the RAC, a home charge point costs £800 on average. Of course, there are different charge points available, so there’s not just one price that covers them all. Certain types are more expensive than others – so, when you’re looking for the right one for your vehicle, you need to choose which one suits your budget. 


how much to install electric car charger


Home electric vehicles will require an initial investment but from then on, you’ll only pay for the electricity that you use. With that in mind, when paying upfront for the installation, customers can take advantage of the potential funding in line with the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) or the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS).

You could be eligible for a grant of up to £350 – therefore, your initial investment will be significantly reduced. Plus, if you’re installing more than one charge point, for example, a business at their offices or site, you can take advantage of this grant per charging unit. 


How Often Should You Charge Your Vehicle?

There’s no restrictions or recommendations on how often you should charge your car. In essence, that’s a similar question to asking… “how often should I refuel my car?” 

Of course, you should charge your vehicle as often as you need to. While you’re out and about, a lot of motorists tend to plug their vehicles into public charging points. That way, they can regain vital miles and further top up their batteries. Usually, people charge their vehicles overnight. 

It makes sense – the car is stationary all night. Therefore, it’s easy to just plug in and reach maximum charge. So, when you come downstairs in the morning and head out to work, you’ve got a full battery and don’t need to worry about just making it to work on the embers of your battery charge. 

It’s a similar principle for businesses that have them at the office – if you plug in while your car is sitting in the car park all day, you’ll ensure that your vehicle is charging while you work. Plus, if it’s not your business, you can save on the bills at home – providing that your boss lets you, that is. 


Other Ways to Charge Your Electric Vehicle

As we’ve briefly touched on, home charging isn’t the only way in which you can charge your electric vehicle. You’ll have seen them when you’re out and about yourselves, they’re dotted around city and town centres, shopping centre car parks, gyms and other popular locations. Therefore, you can conveniently top up as and when you need to.

This means that you can keep the cost down at home even further – obviously if you’re using one of the free public charging points, you won’t be paying for your mileage – result. However, it’s worth noting that some public charging stations aren’t as powerful as home installations. 

So, you may experience slow charging rates that take longer to reach maximum battery capacity. It’s better than nothing though, right? Free mileage is never a bad thing, never mind how quickly or slowly you gain it. Of course, you don’t have to rely on these stations to get you through the day, it’s just a handy boost for your engine charge and peace of mind. 


Invest in an Electric Vehicle Charge Point with IDES

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular – therefore, we’re working with more individual customers and businesses than ever before. When you purchase an electric vehicle, to take full advantage of the key benefits, you need to install a charge point to power your car. 

At IDES, we’re here to help! Our expert team is vastly experienced in working with different types of electric charge points and for different scenarios too. For example, we work with individual customers and businesses to meet their every need and requirement – so, whether you need one charge point or 10, we can accommodate that. 


how much to install electric car charger


We’re recognised as an established, authorised installer of electric vehicle charge points by the Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles (OZEV). We work alongside customers from across the UK – offering free site surveys to any enquiry. That way, we can clearly see the unique requirements for your installation and can supply the perfect solution. 

We always go above and beyond for our customers – that’s what we do and that’s what separates us from the rest of the industry. With the restrictions being introduced in 2030, a lot of businesses within the industry are using electric vehicle charging installations as a quick win. 

However, not us. We work closely alongside all of our customers to ensure that they’re getting the perfect solution for their electric vehicle and true value for money. And that’s a promise. 


Choose IDES to Help With Your Installation Today!

Now that you’ve seen how much electric car charging installations are, are you now ready to take the next step? Ensuring that you get the right installation to suit your charging and vehicle needs is imperative. Otherwise, you could end up with a solution that isn’t suitable and be forced to reinvest. 

Whereas, at IDES, we help our customers every step of the way. From general guidance to free site surveys and recommendations, we’re here to help you choose the perfect solution. So, for answers to any questions or queries or to alleviate any electric vehicle switchover worries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we can’t wait to hear from you. 

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