26 Oct 2021

Improving your body shop efficiency has many benefits for your overall business. When improving efficiency, you’re bound to also see notable progress in other areas of your business. A more efficient body shop is a more successful one – FACT. 

So, how can you improve yours? Well, it’s a lot more simple than you might think. Not all changes have to be drastic, small refinements can mount up and have a large impact on your business. What changes do you need to make? Don’t worry if you’re not sure, we’ve outlined everything you need to know in this post – let’s get to it!


We’ll cover: 


The Importance of Improving Body Shop Efficiency

If you’re not working as efficiently as possible – your team could be making things a lot harder for themselves. Not only could this affect turnaround times and overall profitability but the quality of the overall job carried out. By improving your efficiency, you can have a direct impact on the three aforementioned factors. 

By streamlining processes and ensuring that your team works smarter, you can speed up your turnaround times. That way, you can meet the needs and requirements of your customers more easily and in a more attractive timeframe too. This is a key decision-making factor for customers when selecting which company to work with. 

Likewise, the overall quality of the job carried out will be prioritised by customers too. They want the best possible results when spending their hard-earned money. So, if you can improve quality in any way, you’ll instantly be more appealing to them. You don’t want to be known as the business incapable of doing a good job, do you? 

Improving efficiency also plays a pivotal part in improving profitability. For example,less time and fewer resources used on a job mean that more of your revenue will be freed up. Therefore, by improving your overall body shop efficiency, it’s likely that your business will be more successful. 


Install Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

By installing energy-efficient lighting solutions, you’ll be using far less power to achieve the same results with your business. When using less power, your monthly costs and bills won’t be as high. Therefore, by introducing energy-efficient lighting, you’ll be saving money without it impacting your business performance. 

Energy-efficient LED lighting systems are the perfect solution for all body shops – especially those that carry out a lot of paintwork jobs. Daylight is the ideal lighting condition for vehicle paintwork, as there are no shadows so colours can be matched and all areas can easily be covered. 

Of course, you can’t recreate daylight inside your body shop. However, by installing energy-efficient LED lighting solutions, you’ll be able to achieve lighting levels that can almost compare to daylight. o, your team can safely operate and achieve the best results possible first time, every time. 

Saving time further down the line and reducing the resources needed on all jobs. Happy days.


Tailor Lighting Solutions to Your Individual Environment

Each body shop is different – from smaller single workspaces to larger industrial units, they come in all shapes and sizes. Bearing that in mind, they each have individual needs and requirements – especially when it comes to lighting solutions. For example, larger sites will require a more comprehensive lighting system than a smaller one.


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Tailored lighting solutions can make your body shop more efficient. Your individual working conditions are unique to your body shop – therefore, you need a lighting solution that’s bespoke to your site. Otherwise, you could end up with a lighting system that doesn’t aid your operations and proves to be a wasted investment. 

With the right lighting solution, you will always make sure that the quality of your jobs is incredibly high. With that in mind, this best positions your workforce to cut out any potential mistakes and helps streamline processes – meaning that jobs won’t take as long and you can decrease turnaround times. 


Introduce Comprehensive Staff Training

Naturally, all staff members have a different way of working – which is great, as everybody is different. However, are some of them hindering processes? Instead of helping speed things up and endorse an efficient way of working, your team members working in different ways could be slowing things down and costing the business unnecessary money. 

By introducing comprehensive staff training and shared processes, you’re all on the same page – that way, all team members will carry out jobs in the same way and your business will be consistently smooth. By implementing shared processes, you’ll be able to cost jobs more effectively and won’t be affected by any wasted resources. 

Staff training also ensures the safety of your workforce – which is massively important for efficiency levels. Accidents in the workplace can impact your operations dearly – causing downtime and disruption. Long periods of downtime can cost your business, so by limiting accidents with health and safety staff training, you’re protecting your employees at all times.


Adhere to Pivotal Health and Safety Regulations

As touched on, accidents in the workplace can disrupt your operations and prove costly for businesses. With that in mind, you should always abide by necessary health and safety regulations. By law, all workplaces need to have a relevant health and safety protocol – that way, everyone is protected on-site at all times. 

When working with heavy machinery and large vehicles, injuries and accidents at work are likely to be severe – should the right protection not be in place. Accidents with large vehicles (up to aircraft) aren’t just going to leave a bruise or a scrape, are they? With that in mind, they can cause serious disruption – this can easily be avoided with a solid health and safety plan. 

Should your workforce feel exposed to hazards, they’re not going to work as freely as they normally would do. Working all day worrying about whether you’re going to make it home safely isn’t the clear head that you need to excel in your position, is it? Should employees know that they’re taken care of, productivity and overall efficiency will undoubtedly improve.


Partner with IDES to Meet Your Needs and Requirements

At IDES, we’ve worked with a wide range of businesses to help improve body shop efficiency. From large multinational businesses to single-site smaller ones, there’s no limit to the type of businesses that we can help. By ensuring that your lighting solutions are bespoke, you’re prioritising best business practices and maximising your optimisation. 

Bespoke lighting solutions are HUGELY important – please remember, just because it works for similar businesses or your competition, doesn’t mean that it’ll work for you. At IDES, we provide high-quality lighting solutions so that your businesses can fulfil your maximum potential – our range of products is unrivalled.

Unlike other businesses in the industry – we care. So much so, we offer free site surveys across the UK – that way, we can draw up the perfect tailored plan to your needs and requirements. There’s no value in guesswork – and that’s why our site surveys and demos are vital for full visibility of what you need. 


Choose IDES Today – You Won’t Look Back!

See, improving your body shop efficiency doesn’t have to be hard work – small changes can go a long way. Are you ready to introduce an energy-efficient, industry-leading lighting solution to your working conditions? Well, look no further than IDES! 

For any questions and queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team is always happy to help and will work tirelessly to find the right solution for you. Whether you’re looking for more information or are ready to make a buying decision, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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