30 Nov 2020
importance of vehicle body shop lighting

When we think of the facilities and equipment in vehicle body shops, we’re often drawn to machinery, paints and the vehicles themselves. Quite often, adequate body shop lighting gets ignored – but it shouldn’t be. After all, if you’re going to produce amazing results, your lighting needs to be spot on.

As an industry, vehicle body shop work sets a very high standard and your business needs to reflect that if you’re going to attract customers. Your standard of work is born from within – if you don’t equip your workplace properly, you’re not giving yourselves the best chance to reach your true potential.

With that in mind, vehicle body shop lighting should always be a priority. So, in this post, we’ll highlight the importance of installing the perfect lighting solution for your body shop. Plus, recommend products that can easily be installed to help improve your processes and overall business.


We’ll cover:


What is the Ideal Lighting Setup in a Vehicle Body Shop?

Within vehicle body shops, consistency in your overall job is imperative. A lot of jobs are partial paintwork so you need consistency to ensure that colours are matched and the overall vehicle looks slick and solid. Nobody wants to drive around in a patchy, poorly painted vehicle, do they? 

So that you can ensure you have the best conditions for colour matching, your lighting is key. The best lighting environment for vehicle body shops is natural daylight, however, you can only rely on replication of that with your body shop being indoors. Natural daylight works perfectly for paintwork as it’s pure and creates minimal shadows. 


vehicle body shop lighting


Shadows aren’t your friend – not at all. Shadows create points of darkness throughout your vehicle body shop. Have you ever tried matching paint in poor lighting conditions? Or, carried out any job to a high standard in the dark? As you’d expect, it’s not an ideal combination and certainly doesn’t make for the optimum working conditions. 

Within your vehicle body shop, you want to recreate conditions that are as close to natural daylight as possible. A lot of this boils down to the system that you implement, the positioning of your lights and what bulbs you use within your system. Without the advice of a professional, it’s easy to get this wrong.


Potential Problems Caused by Inadequate Lighting

Increased Risk of Accidents

When working with vehicles of all shapes and sizes, there are plenty of risks involved. You could be working on cars, vans or even helicopters and aeroplanes – each one coming with their individual risks and dangers. With that in mind, without adequate lighting, these risks can be maximised and easily missed. 

When you’re in close proximity with large vehicles and machinery, accidents can be severe. The safety of your team members is paramount and should always be in high regard. If your team has any reason to believe that you’re compromising their safety in the workplace, they’re naturally going to feel a little unvalued by this and it may reflect in their effort and productivity. 


Poor Quality Work

As we’ve highlighted, if the lighting is poor in your vehicle body shop it can lead to a poor standard of work being carried out. This is a problem in any industry but it’s super-noticeable when trying to match paint jobs and perfect a clean finish. If you slightly mismatch a colour or a part of your paint job is rough due to bad lighting, it’ll stand out for all the wrong reasons. 

Poor quality work leads to overall inefficiency. Think about it, your customers aren’t going to standard for bad work, are they? And any mistakes will have to be corrected. If you’re constantly having to correct easily avoidable mistakes, the time taken per job will dramatically increase – therefore, your profitability and output levels will take a hit too. 


MOBILUX: Vehicle Body Shop Lighting You NEED

When looking to implement the perfect vehicle body shop lighting solution, it can be hard to know where to start. There are a lot of products on the market, however, some are considerably better than others. Plus, without the right level of knowledge, you may be a little naive to what is a good product and what is a waste of money. 

With the MOBILUX range, there’s no question that you’re getting a good deal for an industry-leading standard lighting solution. This product is a group of high output, mobile lighting systems that were expertly designed to improve operations and lighting standards throughout the automotive industry. 


Mobilux Lighting Solution Bodyshop lighting


They use energy-efficient LED lighting strips – that way, you can be confident that your bills aren’t going to be sky high at the end of each month. Plus, they help generate a near daylight lighting tone so that you can maximise safety and quality and concentrate on driving your business forward with intent. 

MOBILUX can be split into two different models – and each of them has its own purpose. Both are designed to be used within vehicle body shops and MOBILUX 1 is the perfect product to be used underneath car ramps and in those intricate, hard to light areas. This product gives light to the places that need it the most so that high-quality levels can be upheld no problem. 

Whereas, MOBILUX 2 is the ideal lighting solution that can be moved around the body shop. Should areas of the body shop naturally be exposed to lower levels of lighting, you can introduce this product range to help achieve a nicer balance. The MOBILUX range is the perfect vehicle body shop lighting solutions – FACT.


Look No Further Than IDES

When you’re looking for the perfect lighting solution for your business, you need to be dealing with a business who knows what they’re talking about. Quite often, there are a lot of contractors in the game that are simply in it to line their pockets – with IDES, you can throw away that worry immediately. 

We recognise that to install a successful lighting solution for your business, it must meet the individual needs and requirements of your site. Unfortunately, there’s no blueprint or one-size-fits-all approach that works for bespoke vehicle body shop lighting. It’d make our lives much easier – but we don’t mind putting in those hard yards for your benefit. 

Just because a lighting solution works for one business, doesn’t mean that it’s guaranteed to work for another. With that in mind, we carry out free site surveys across the UK. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Manchester, Birmingham, London or Glasgow, we’re here to help you and ensure you get the best value solution for your money. 

So, now that you realise the importance of having the best vehicle body shop lighting solution in place, it’s time for you to take action! Whether you’re ready to roll out the MOBILUX and want to arrange a site survey, or you still need a little convincing and have a few questions – please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Our expert team welcomes conversations of all kinds – we look forward to speaking with you!

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