18 Nov 2020

Body shops are home to a lot of intricate and detailed work. So, the surroundings and environment have to be spot on to ensure that high-quality levels can always be maintained. One of the main factors that have to be right so that your team can carry out the best job possible is body shop lighting

And luckily for you, that’s where our MOBILUX range can massively help you. It’s the perfect solution for body shops and spray booths and helps best position your operations for growth and success. But is the right lighting solution really that important? Well, it’s quite often wrongly overlooked – and the ideal solution can bring a plethora of benefits to your business.

This post will highlight everything you need to know about how our MOBILUX product is the right one for your every need and requirement. Plus, it’ll touch on the importance of finding the right lighting solution tailored to your individual workplace. 

We’ll cover: 


The Importance of Installing the Perfect Lighting Solution

Within body shops, team members are often tasked with colour matching and other finicky tasks. Without the right lighting solution, trying to match colours exactly can seem like an impossible task. What you might think may be a brilliant match in your body shop environment, may turn out to be a disaster once you expose it to natural light. 

This will mean that you’ll have to carry out the job again – unless you want very unhappy customers on your hands, that is. Plus, they’re already not going to be best pleased that their paint job has taken twice as long as projected. Unhappy customers may lead to a loss of loyal custom and your business drumming up an unwanted reputation – all because you don’t have the right lighting system in place. 

In body shops, you should aim for a lighting system that mimics natural light as closely as it can. You should always avoid shadows – think about it, if you’re trying to work in a dark patch, you’re going to be heightening the risk of mistakes creeping into your work and potentially putting yourself in more danger should your visibility be impaired. 

Without the right lighting, you’re putting your business in a tricky situation. You’re leaving the door wide open for things to go wrong and for standards to slip. When working in a body shop, you can’t afford for this to happen. You should pride yourself on the standards that you provide on every job – not “winging it” and just getting through by the skin of your teeth. 

Having inadequate lighting in place can prove costly for your business. A bespoke lighting solution will be designed with your unique site requirements in mind. Therefore, the plans will factor in how they can adequately light up the site while still being cost-efficient. Archaic and poor systems will cost A LOT more to run than modern, energy-efficient ones. 


What is the MOBILUX range?

Our MOBILUX range is a group of high output, mobile light units that were designed with the automotive industry at the forefront of proceedings. They’re made up of energy-efficient LED lighting strips that provide a near-daylight tone, which helps improve safety and quality levels throughout body shops within the industry. 


Mobilux Lighting Solution Bodyshop lighting


So that your business can continue to achieve the best results possible, you need to find the ideal lighting solution that suits your unique needs and requirements. Unfortunately, there are no blueprints and generic lighting solutions that will be the best option for your business – however, you needn’t worry, that’s where our expert team can help you out.

Within body shops and spray booths, customers are leaving their vehicles with you and expecting a high standard to be carried out. That’s a lot of trust that they’re instilling in your company – so you need to be sure that you’re well equipped enough to deliver an amazing job. You want them to sing your praises and recommend you to others, right? 

The MOBILUX range can be split into two. MOBILUX 1 lighting solutions are designed to fit under and around electric car ramps. That means they’re more suited to MOT centres and vehicle servicing businesses. After all, when working with the technicalities of heavy machinery, you need adequate lighting to improve safety and ensure that you’re doing the job right. 

MOBILUX 2 lighting solutions are designed for general purposes around body shops and ensure that a correct balance of light is achieved throughout. If visibility is considerably worse in some parts of the body shop, you’re going to experience inconsistent and patchy work that won’t reflect your best possible standards. 

Our MOBILUX range is highly popular within the automotive industry and they’re often seen working harmoniously. They’re durable, built to last and can provide industry-leading light with minimal disruption – you can’t argue with that, can you? 


How IDES Can Help

At IDES, we’re specialist electrical contractors that are experienced in a vast range of industries. However, our most experienced areas are body shops and spray booths within the automotive industry. Our team has an unrivalled knowledge of what spray booths of different sizes need to be able to operate efficiently. 

We’ll work tirelessly with your team to ensure that the right solution is put in place. Of course, the requirements of your bespoke lighting system will depend on your site, budgetary requirements and the level of work that you carry out. Our team will ensure that all necessary areas are considered so that no detail is ever spared. 

We’re UK-wide, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham or London – we can be on hand to provide an amazing level of customer service. Our level of service and duty of care is what sets us apart from the rest of the industry – and the fact that we can back this up with amazing products that are proven to benefit your business too. 

So, waste no time and get in touch to find out more about our MOBILUX range. Trust us, you needn’t look elsewhere for the perfect body shop lighting solution. There’s a reason that they’re one of our most popular product ranges – it’s time for you to come and see why!

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