15 Jan 2021
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The importance of car body shop lighting is often overlooked. Businesses tend to usually focus more on the projects at hand, rather than best positioning their site and premises to deliver unrivalled quality service levels. But why?

This thought process often leaves us scratching our heads – we can’t think why anybody wouldn’t want to favourably position their business for success? Some businesses look at lighting as black and white – they’ll settle for anything as long as it glows. However, we all know that this isn’t best practice. 

Car body shop lighting plays a huge role in the productivity and efficiency of your business – and that’s not the only thing it can benefit too. With that in mind, this post will touch on the importance of adequate car body shop lighting and outline the key features of an idyllic set up for the automotive industry. 


We’ll cover: 


The Importance of Car Body Shop Lighting

As we briefly mentioned, adequate car body shop lighting is vitally important within your business. By lighting your site properly, you’re putting your business in the best position to succeed and provide top tier service levels. Your team will reap the benefits of an expertly lit site and your operations will be taken to the next level indefinitely. 


car body shop lighting body shop


Quite simply, if you can’t see properly, you won’t be able to work properly, will you? Therefore, with adequate lighting, wherever you are in the body shop, you’ll have a consistent level of light that will promote productivity. If your team’s overall productivity picks up, it’ll drag your whole business upwards too. 

Adequate car body shop lighting keeps your team safe – FACT. In body shops, there’s heavy machinery, large vehicles and toxic substances in the environment. If these hazards aren’t lit properly, you’re going to maximise the potential dangers of them. Therefore, by lighting them properly, you’re increasing visibility, all-round safety and general morale too. 


Incredible Colour Rendition

Car body shop lighting should promote a high-quality colour rendition. With a lot of the work that goes on in body shops being paint related, your team needs the best assistance to ensure that accurate matches are always made. After all, there’s nothing worse than a dodgy paint job, is there? 

If your lighting solution doesn’t portray excellent colour rendition, you’ll find that mistakes will creep into your work and quality standards will slip. While colours may look like they match in your poorly lit environment, once they’re moved into broad daylight, you’ll soon notice that you could be way off with your matching. 

This will decrease productivity and efficiency, plus, cost your business more time and money. If you have to constantly rectify mistakes, you’ll be increasing your time per job and won’t be maximising your capacity. Whereas, with a lighting solution that has excellent colour rendition, you can get the best results first time, every time.


Consistent Throughout Your Site

The best lighting solutions are consistent throughout your site with no dark spots or shadows. The best lighting environment for body shops is natural light, therefore, your lighting solution should try and portray this – if you want the best results, that is. Dark spots and shadows only create problems. 

For example, picture you’re working on various projects around the body shop. If one area is better lit than another, the chances of your colour matches being more accurate in the better lit areas are greater. Whereas, if you’re trying to carry out a consistent paint job in the dark, you’re going to be left guessing and chances are it won’t be very impressive at all.

So, your car body shop lighting needs to be consistent. Otherwise, you’ll gain an unwanted reputation associated with poor quality work. Your reputation is everything – and while they’re easily attained, they’re most difficult to shift. You want to be known as the industry leaders, not cowboys, right? 


Tailored to Your Unique Site

Unfortunately, no blueprint works across every car body shop site – if only it was that easy, it’d save us bags of time! With that in mind, the perfect body shop lighting solution must be tailored to your individual needs. Just because a solution works for your competitors, doesn’t mean that it will for you. 

Each site is different, therefore, it will present its own hazards, risks and dark spots. So, to combat this, you’ll need a lighting solution that’s tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Without this level of detail, you could be left with a solution that inadequately lights your site and hampers your operations – instead of boosting them.

At IDES, bespoke lighting solutions are our standard. We work tirelessly with our customers to ensure that their needs are met and exceeded. From free site surveys to expert consultancy with our experienced team members, we care about our customers. If you’re investing in a lighting solution, it needs to be perfect for your business. 


Cost-Effective to Install and Maintain

A lot of people make the mistake of putting too much onus on the cost of a lighting solution. Quite often, they’ll see an offer that seems too good to be true and be lured in. We urge you not to base your decision on price alone as it can be a false indicator of the quality of lighting solution that you’re opting for. 


car body shop lighting


If something seems too good to be true, it likely is. Ridiculously cheap products usually reflect this in their performance – and will usually end up costing you more in the long-run due to maintenance and high running fees. You need a cost and energy-efficient lighting solution that can help you deliver quality results. 

Energy-efficient lighting is massively important in car body shops. You’re going to be using a high energy output all day long, therefore, if you have an inadequate lighting setup, you could be facing huge bills. Energy-efficient lighting solutions portray the adequate lighting needed at an affordable rate to improve your profitability. 


Easily Modified

Should you need to make changes to your car body shop lighting solution, you need to install a setup that’s easy to modify. If not, you could be looking at needing to completely reinvest in a new system once again. Of course, this isn’t ideal and definitely isn’t the most effective way to run your business.

If you can easily modify your existing system, it means that your upgrades won’t cost as much in future. For example, if the latest products are released and they’re compatible with retrofit fittings, you’ll easily be able to implement them throughout your site without the need to invest a lot more capital. 

If your site grows or you just change things around inside, you should be able to easily change your lighting solution to suit this. Rather than need a completely new lighting solution, you can simply adapt your old one to suit your new needs and requirements – it should be that easy. 


IDES Can Help With Your Car Body Shop Lighting

So, now that you know the importance and key features of car body shop lighting, it’s time for you to take action and implement the ideal solution for your own site. And that’s where we come in! At IDES, we’re body shop lighting specialists and have a vast range of products that will suit units of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you need fixed fittings that illuminate your whole site or you need mobile solutions that can provide extra lighting for those intricate jobs, we’ve got something that will suit your needs. Our products lead the UK body shop lighting market – and they’re at the top for a reason! You can rely on them for the quality levels that you need for success. 

At IDES, we care about you! Unfortunately, this can’t be said about some electrical contractors. However, our free site surveys and expert consultancy ensure that you get the best lighting solution for your unique site requirements. So, for more information on how we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

Our team is always on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have. Waste no time and contact us today to help drive your car body shop forwards! We look forward to hearing from you.

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