12 Feb 2021

Take a moment to think about the current lighting in your car body repair shop. Now, could it be better? Does it get the job done? Or, are you unsure? Well, body shop lighting is often overlooked and what people think is an adequate setup, could be way below the mark. To achieve the best results, your lighting is everything. 

Having the correct LED lighting set up in your repair shop can take your service from good to excellent. On the contrary, it could make you realise that your service level could be vastly improved and make your business appeal to a much wider audience. And they aren’t the only benefits either. 

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about the other advantages of LED lighting in your vehicle body shop. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know and show why they’re necessary. Plus, we’ll provide setup recommendations throughout.


We’ll cover: 


What is LED Lighting? And Why is it Important? 

For your body shop to be successful, your lighting solution needs to be as close to daylight replication as possible. It’s the perfect light to carry out paintwork as there are no shadows, dark spots or discoloured lighting areas. Therefore, you can ensure that the work your team carries out is always spot on and up to standard.

LED lighting is the perfect option for your site. LED lighting is a small collection of bulbs that emit brilliant bright lighting to produce the perfect working environment. They’re ultra-flexible and can come in a variety of different styles – it all depends on what your site requires and how you choose to use them. 

And that’s the important part – it has to suit your site’s individual requirements and needs. Otherwise, it won’t have the desired effect and won’t serve your business as it should do. Your site will be different from your competitors and the rest of the industry. Therefore, you need a lighting solution that reflects this for it to be most effective. 

LED lighting is the perfect option for your vehicle body repair shop. However, it must be tailored to your individual needs for the best results. 


Vastly Improve Your Quality of Work

If the lighting is inadequate in your vehicle body shop, that’s going to reflect in the quality of your work. Think about it, if you’re trying to colour match in the dark, the chances are that there’s a large element of guesswork involved. Therefore, if you’re guessing, more often than not you’re going to be making mistakes. 

Mistakes aren’t good for anybody. It means that you’ll have to spend longer trying to correct the job, plus, your customers aren’t going to be happy that they’re spending their hard-earned money and receiving poor quality service. Whereas, with the right lighting solution, you can be confident that high standards will always be achieved. 


Vehicle Repair Shop Lighting Improves Quality


If you can see the job clearly, you can match the colours with ease and it’ll save any time needed to correct any mistakes. Of course, small mistakes will still creep into your work – after all, your team is only human. However, the scope of these mistakes will be a lot more minimal in comparison to whole colour mismatches. 

By improving the quality of work, you’ll naturally increase customer satisfaction. Plus, you’ll minimise the time spent on each job and can improve productivity. With all of these factors improving, the success of your business will naturally climb too. 


Keep Team Members Safe At All Times

When working with large vehicles (sometimes even aircraft) and heavy machinery, the safety of your team members is paramount. Accidents in the workplace are common and those that happen in vehicle body shops aren’t normally the type to leave cuts and scrapes. Accidents can be severe and depending on the scale could prove fatal.

With that in mind, you need to ensure that the lighting across your site is optimal. That way, your team members can go about their everyday role and not worry about getting hurt at any point. If you’re working with the concern of an accident in the back of your mind at all times, you’re likely not going to be as productive as possible. 

With LED lighting, you can make sure that even the darkest corners of your site are well lit. Whether it’s custom strips that are fitted to light up the area or portable units that are dragged around the site to ensure that no area is dangerous, there are various ways around it. Your lighting solution is the simplest form of health and safety regulation. 


Attract a Wider Audience Scope

It sounds silly to suggest that your lighting suggestion can directly affect the customers that are drawn to your business. However, it’s true. Of course, customers aren’t going to flock to your repair centre due to the lighting solution installed. What they will seek your business for is the guaranteed quality that you produce due to your working state-of-the-art working environment. 

If there’s one thing that customers want, it’s quality and convenient turnaround times. Within the body shop industry, it’s incredibly competitive. Therefore, if you’re quoting long wait times and order turnarounds, don’t be surprised if your customers decide to use one of your competitors to get the job done. Quick but quality – it’s as easy as that. 

By lighting your site properly, you can reduce the time spent on each job. By spending less time per project, you’re increasing your capacity and can get through more jobs than ever before. That could lead to you welcoming new customers that you may have had to turn away before – growing your business effectively. 

News travelled fast within the industry. So, if you’re doing a quality job, word will travel fast. With that in mind, beware of the adverse. A poor reputation is hard to overturn and may travel even faster than a good one. Customers will always lean on other reviews before opting to seek your services. 


Stamp Your Authority at the Head of the Industry

If you’re trying to make headway at the top of the industry, your site needs to be best positioned for this. Quite simply, you’re not going to reach the top without investing in your lighting solution and ensuring that it promotes the right level of quality. Therefore, LED lighting that allows you to produce the best results is incredibly important. 


Vehicle Repair Centre Lighting Industry Leader


Think about it, if you’re claiming that you’re the best in the industry yet your competitors are turning around more orders and are producing better work than you, you’re not really the top business, are you? And that’s why it’s so important to have a lighting solution that suits the needs of your individual site – you want to be better than your competitors, not on the same level. 

By best positioning your business for success, you’re giving your team members every chance of producing amazing results. Not only that, you’re minimising any chances of mistakes and not giving your customers a chance to be disgruntled or annoyed. This all contributes to gaining a good reputation and growing to be the best in the industry. 


Best Position Your Business With the Right Vehicle Repair Lighting Solution

So, there you have it… In answer to whether or not LED lighting in body repair chops is necessary, we can conclude a solid YES. Your lighting solution is arguably the most important factor of your site – get this wrong and you could end up with a lot of knock-on effects and issues. 

So, where do you start with finding the right solution? That’s where we come in! At IDES, we’re committed to providing the industry with the ideal lighting solution that meets their individual needs and requirements. We care about your business reaching its maximum potential and are committed to helping you find the right options to boost success. 

We help businesses UK-wide and carry out free site surveys before our expert team can recommend products that suit you best. So, if you’re looking for the ideal lighting solution to help take your business to the next level, look no further. 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today! Our team is always on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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