12 Mar 2021

Automotive shop lights – also known as body shop lighting – is CRUCIAL to the success of your overall business. While your light fittings may seem irrelevant to the performance and outlet of your company, they’re actually of great importance. Should lighting be inadequate, the impact can be disastrous. 

But why is your lighting so important? Well, it has a direct impact on a variety of key areas within your operations. For example, ensuring high-quality standards are attained, maximising efficiency and keeping your workforce safe at all times – to name a few. With those in mind, lighting plays a greater role than you might think, doesn’t it? 

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about the full extent of how important choosing the perfect lighting solution is – that’s why we’re here. In this post, we’ll explain everything there is to know and more. Let’s get into it!


We’ll cover: 


What Are Automotive Shop Lights?

Automotive shop lights or body shop lighting provide the optimal working environment for your business to create amazing results. Not only is your lighting crucial to producing quality work but keeping your team safe at all times too. Of course, nobody deserves to go to work and worry about not being safe, do they? 

The perfect automotive shop lights should omit a near-daylight tone – but why? Well, natural daylight is the perfect working environment as shadows are limited and you can clearly see everything in front of you without trouble. That way, if you’re colour matching or painting something, you can easily see what you’re doing. 


importance of vehicle body shop lighting


It’s not uncommon for body shop lighting to be overlooked. The only explanation we can think for this is that people don’t realise how important it actually is – we’ll come onto this later. However, if you’re looking for an easy way that you can control quality and safety standards, you should start with implementing the perfect lighting solution. 

Body shop lighting needs to be bespoke. Think about all the garages, workshops, spray booths and more out there – they’re all different, aren’t they? Therefore, they all have different demands, requirements and needs that should be catered for. Unfortunately, there’s no blueprint that works industry-wide, it needs to be right for your business and site. 

If your lighting solution isn’t bespoke, the chances are that it isn’t as efficient as it could be, it doesn’t cater to all your needs and it could massively be improved. That’s got to be a bitter pill to swallow when you’ve already invested in a lighting solution and need to do so again – right? 


Why Are They So Important?

Increased Health and Safety

By adequately lighting your body shop, you’re automatically improving health and safety standards within your workplace. Think about it, if your team is struggling to see what they’re doing, that also means that they’ll struggle to identify any key hazards and dangers to them also. 

When working in body shops, there’s often large machinery and equipment, so any accidents may not just be the odd bump or scrape. They can, in fact, be very serious – which isn’t only worrying for your team members, but your business too should you need to pay compensation. 


Maintaining High Quality Standards

The perfect automotive shop lights allow your team members to carry out high-quality standards in every job. As we mentioned earlier, they need to bespoke though so that this level of quality can be attained throughout the whole unit. It’s no good having quality lighting in a single part of your unit and workspace. 

Otherwise, your quality standards will be inconsistent. Plus, poor lighting massively increases the chances of mistakes creeping into your work. The last thing you want is to incorrectly colour match a job and make a total mess of the paintwork. Not only will you have to spend extra time rectifying this but it’ll cost further expense too. 


Reduce Unnecessary Costs

The perfect lighting solution for your business will reduce any unnecessary costs – sounds ideal, right? Without the right solution in place, you could be using a lot more energy than needed. Plus, the impact that the wrong solution may have on the environment is costly too – reduce both of these levels by implementing an innovative lighting solution. 


Autolux lighting solution IDES


Quite simply, if you’re using less energy, you’ll be paying less to light your workplace. Therefore, your running costs will be dragged down and your profitability will be increased. Without the right lighting solution, your lighting installation could be reliant on more fittings than necessary – which will be hiking the costs up for no reason at all!


The Key Problems of Poor Automotive Shop Lights

Higher Risk of Accidents

Accidents in the workplace happen far too much – even when the lighting is adequate! Therefore, businesses should be doing everything that they can to prevent accidents from happening, not enhancing the risk of their team members injuring themselves. Without the right lighting, hazards can easily be missed and the consequences can be disastrous. 


Customer Dissatisfaction

If your team is continuously producing poor work due to unsuitable lighting conditions, your customers aren’t going to be happy when their bodywork is returned a completely different colour, are they? Is near-impossible to colour match in poor lighting, therefore, disgruntled customers can be easily bypassed by installing the perfect solution. 

Unfortunately, news travels fast through word of mouth – especially bad news. So, if you land yourself a poor reputation due to low standards, everybody will hear about it. These impressions are hard to overturn. So, it’s easier to nip them in the bud before they get off the ground and best position your working environment for success. 


Low Output Capacity

If your workforce has to keep rectifying mistakes and issues, they’re going to be spending more time on each job. With that in mind, increased time on jobs means that it reduces the number of projects that they can complete per week, month and year. Mistakes and issues take a huge toll on overall capacity and output. 


automotive shop lights vehicle body shop


By choosing the perfect lighting solution, your team can be sure to perform at an optimum level at all times. That being said, they can produce incredible results on every project and improve their overall efficiency. A more efficient workforce is a more productive one, therefore, they’ll be able to smash through more jobs than ever before and increase output.


Can IDES Help You? YES, We Can!

So, there you have it… installing the perfect automotive shop lights is integral to the overall success of your business. Otherwise, you’re going to be renowned for producing poor quality results, making mistakes and will land yourself a poor name within the industry. This is easily avoidable by implementing a tailored lighting solution for your individual site. 

And good news, we can help! At IDES, we’re body shop lighting experts and know exactly what it takes to help propel your business forwards. Our expert team has worked on plenty of different site types, therefore, you can be confident that we’ll meet your every need with a lighting solution that’s incredibly beneficial. 

Our customers are always at the centre of everything that we do. So, you can be safe in the knowledge that our designs and consultancy have your best interests in mind at all times. We’re vastly experienced and continue to help businesses across the UK every day. Want to find out more? 

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! One of our team will be on hand to assist with any questions or queries. We look forward to hearing from you.

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